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Sprint’s Palm Pre Multimedia Smartphone Cheap Offer

Palm Pre Touchscreen Mobile Phone was offered yesterday on Walmart for only $79.99 with a 2-year contract with its present carrier, Sprint. If you missed yesterday’s rebate on Palm Pre Smartphone on Walmart, don’t be so sad. Today, Palm Pre Multimedia Mobile Phone is offered for a price of $179.99 on Walmart with the same […]


Palm Pre Smartphone Available on Verizon Wireless in 2010!

The exclusivity of Palm Pre Smartphone or Touchscreen Phone has long been an issue this year. Palm Pre was first released in June 6, 2009 exclusively by Sprint Nextel (carrier) in the United States of America. However, this Palm Pre exclusivity deal between Sprint Nextel (USA) and Palm will not take that long and soon […]


Palm WebOS 1.1 Release Re-Enables Syncing in iTunes 8.2.1

A few hours ago, Palm released WebOS 1.1 which re-enabled syncing in iTunes 8.2.1 (see our past article on iTunes 8.2.1 Disbling Support for the Palm Pre). This is a good news for those Palm Pre owners who also use iTunes in synchronizing rich media content – music, photos and videos – by way of […]


Palm Pre Web OS: Palm Mojo Software Development Kit Released

The Palm Mojo Software Development Kit (SDK Beta for developers only) was launched by Palm last week. This is specifically for Palm Pre but other models might be able to use the Palm Web OS once developments of apps via Web OS software development kit are done and ready for use. With Palm Pre gaining […]


Palm Pre Features and Full Specifications

In January, Palm Pre was featured in this site along with the eco-friendly Motorola W233 Renew cell phone. Palm Pre features and specifications are great. However, the release date of Palm Pre is yet unknown up to this time. Palm Pre has had an upgrade in features and specifications lately (based on Palm’s previous press […]


Palm Pre TouchScreen Smartphone: The Real iPhone Killer?

Is the latest Palm Pre Touchscreen the real iPhone 3G Killer? Many cell phone models have been tagged as the iPhone Killer before. Some of which were Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic (Tube), Blackberry Storm/Thunder, and many more, including Google Android Phone (G1). I’m not quite sure if the new Palm Pre Touchscreen can measure up with […]