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OpenOffice 3.2 Screenshot: Review and Free Download

Download Free OpenOffice 3.2: Review Suggests It’s Better Than MS Office 2007

OpenOffice downloads hit the 300 million milestone. You can download the latest stable version OpenOffice 3.2 free. The OpenOffice Suite offers full compatibility with Microsoft Office 2007. We’ve not tested the Suite with the Microsoft Office 2010 edition but given MS did not change file extensions, OpenOffice can readily be used to open/edit those files […]

Free Facebook HipHop PHP Compiler

HipHop PHP: Free/Open Source Facebook PHP Compiler Speeds Up Page Loading

HipHop PHP is out and ready. Facebook, the world’s largest social networking company has released its own open-source compiler for PHP named HipHop. Kanye West and Eminem should be happy with Facebook’s choice of name. HipHop is randy and PHP programmers could use some bling to their arsenal of tools. This free PHP compiler will […]


How to Upgrade from Linux Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 Release

After posting our initial write-up about Linux Ubuntu 9.04, we know many will be asking how to upgrade from the current stable release 8.10 to version 9.04. We have found this one on the Ubuntu website but we would like to share it with everyone reading this article. The steps are simple and you should […]


Linux Ubuntu 9.04 Release is Underway

Linux Ubuntu’s latest stable release is Ubuntu 8.10 and we’ve been using this since its first day of release. Now, Linux Ubuntu get an update and its version 9.04 is about to be seen a few days from now. Linux Ubuntu 9.04 features have not been revealed yet but we assume it addresses some bugs […]