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Prices of Cheap China-made iPhone Clone in the Philippines

I was playing with a friend’s “iPhone Clone” in the Philippines this afternoon while playing mahjong (oh, yes I love playing that game). I did not notice that it was a China-made iPhone Clone at first because I was listening to the music files he saved onto its 256MB memory card. I only noticed that […]

Nokia N95 8Gb Clone China-made Cell Phones

The reason why the title of this article is “Nokia N95 8Gb Clone China-made Cell Phones” is because there are two variants of the Nokia N95 clone made by the Chinese – one without a built-in TV and the other is with a built-in TV. I will discuss the differences of the two models as […]

Nokia N95 8GB Clone (China Made): Full Specifications and Features

If you are wondering what are the Nokia N95 8GB Clone (made in China) cell phone specifications and features, look no further because they’re very very similar to the original Nokia N95 cell phones. Believe me, knockoff cell phones made in China like the Nokia N95 8GB Clone units look real if you’re not used […]