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Christmas Sale Nintendo DSi, Holiday Deals Nintendo DS Lite, Nintendo DSi Holiday Sale, Cheap Nintendo DS Lite Bundle

Cheap Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS Lite Portable Gaming Consoles on Holiday Sale

Portable gaming consoles have become a popular device for those who want a past time. For those who missed the Best-Priced Nintendo DSi Game Console with Mario Party Game Bundle last Cyber Monday 2010, Christmas sales also got great prices for Nintendo portable gaming devices.

Cyber Tuesday Deals on Nintendo Dsi and Nintendo DS Games

Best-Priced Nintendo DSi Game Console with Mario Party Game Bundle Deal | Cyber Tuesday Sale

Nintendo DSi is an ultra-portable game console that followed Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DS. It’s on sale this Cyber Week, specifically on Cyber Tuesday. This handheld device has an internal memory where you can save game data and other info. This is comparable to Nintendo DSi Deals previously mentioned a few days back, only […]

Nintendo DSi Sale Price and Release Date (Black Friday 2010 Ads)

Green and Orange Nintendo DSi Deals for Black Friday and Holiday Season

Nintendo hopes to revive the declining sales of their DSi portable gaming consoles for the coming holiday season with the release of new adorable green and orange DSi game consoles. Just like the Playstation Portable (PSP) from Sony, Nintendo’s gaming device has suffered from the popularity of iPhone and new Android phones that now runs […]

Blue Nintendo 3DS Gaming Console

3DS Update: Nintendo 3DS Gaming Console Features and Specs

The Nintendo 3DS Gaming Console design isn’t final yet but Nintendo released a preview of its features and specs. Most of the Nintendo 3DS features revealed were the common features integrated for a gaming console such as its display screen, built-in Wi-Fi, game controls, sound and others. Here is a preview on what features the […]

Nintendo 3DS Gaming Console Announcement E3 2010

Nintendo 3DS Update: Nintendo 3DS Gaming Console Price and Release Date Not Announced

When Nintendo 3DS gaming console was introduced last March 23, Nintendo’s CEO Satoru Iwata kept his promise on the 3DS official announcement. The Japanese company said it will debut the Nintendo 3DS during this year’s E3 conference and they have delivered on that pact. No less than Iwata himself made the presentation for the world’s […]

Photo of Nintendo 3DS Glasses-Free 3D Portable Gaming Console - Unofficial

Nintendo 3DS Gaming Console: Will Nintendo 3DS Provide Real 3D or Optical Illusion?

Nintendo 3DS Handheld Gaming Device was recently announced by Nintendo. However, the gaming console manufacturing company did not divulge any information on how the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming console will be like. The only thing we know is that the Nintendo 3DS portable gaming device will be a glasses-free device.

Photo of the Nintendo DSi XL Handheld Gaming Device

Nintendo DSi XL Release Date: Nintendo DSi XL or DSi LL Release Dates

Nintendo DSi XL release date or release dates vary worldwide. Nintendo DSi XL was first launched in Japan on November 21, 2009. Europe then followed its release on March 5, 2010. While people in Asia and in the UK are already enjoying the portable gaming console’s great features, gamers in the USA are still waiting […]

Photo of Nintendo DSi XL or Nintendo DSi LL Handheld Gaming Device (Wine Red)

Nintendo DSi XL or Nintendo DSi LL Gaming Console Features and Price

Nintendo DSi XL Handheld Gaming Console is the fourth version of Nintendo DS portable gaming device. It is a successor of the Nintendo DSi and DSi Lite. It will be followed in 2011 by a more advanced version called the Nintendo 3DS. The Nintendo DSi XL was already released in Japan last year as the […]

Nintendo 3DS possible 3D games

Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Announces Glasses-Free 3D on Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS Portable Gaming Device was announced yesterday. On March 23, 2010, Nintendo Company President Satoru Iwata published a short info about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS, a successor of the Nintendo DSi XL handheld gaming device. Nintendo 3DS will provide 3D images without the need for special 3D glasses as mentioned in the newsletter. According […]


Connect to Facebook Using Nintendo DSi: Download Free System Upgrade Now

Nintendo DSi software upgrade is already available for download as announced by its makers. With the latest Nintendo Dsi system update that comes free on all internet-connected consoles, users can now share photos with friends on Facebook. Nice additional feature to Nintendo DSi after its release in the US, Australia and Europe earlier this year. […]