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Nexus Two Gingerbread Android Phone by Samsung

Nexus Two Rumors: A Samsung Phone with Gingerbread OS?

Rumor has it that Google isn’t done branding phones yet. The Google Nexus One Superphone was manufactured by HTC. Earlier this year, Motorola confirmed that they were working Google on a phone. However, present speculations say that the new Google Android handset will be manufactured by Samsung.

Google Nexus One Sample Photo

Nexus One Superphone Sold Out at Google’s Web Store!

Only three days ago, I wrote about Google’s decision to stop selling and manufacturing the Nexus One smart phone once their current inventory sells out. Well, bad news for those of you who failed to act quickly. I just checked out Google’s web shop and I can confirm to you all that the Nexus One […]

Google Nexus One Superphone Sample Image

Google to Stop Selling Nexus One, Vodafone in the UK and KT in South Korea Remaining Sources

This is disappointing. Perhaps discouraged by the low sales statistics of Google Nexus One from their online store, Google announced that they will soon stop selling their own branded Android phone. The company has received the last shipment of this smart phone from HTC this week. Google plans to stop selling it once their inventory […]

TED Conference 2010 and Free Google Nexus One

Google Gave Away Free Nexus One Phones to TED 2010 Attendees

The low sales statistics of Google Nexus One phone did not stop Google from being happy and generous. Despite the low sales figures of the Google Android Phone, they gave thousands of these items to every one who attended the TED 2010 conference held on February 9-13, 2010 at Long Beach California. If only I […]

Google Nexus One on Verizon Wireless Release Date Sample Article Photo

Verizon Nexus One Phone Release Date: Verizon Will Debut Google’s Nexus One This Spring

Are you ready for the release date of Nexus One on Verizon? Early this month, the tech industry has been abuzz with rumors that due to the poor sales performance of the Nexus One superphone over the T-Mobile network, Google has decided to negotiate with Verizon if they would be amenable to carry the Android […]

Another Image for Download Googlegoogles (Google Goggles) for Android Phones Free

Free Google Goggles App Download for Android Phones

You can download the free Google Goggles app on Android Market for mobile devices. This is definitely a good mobile phone app if you have an Android phone. And the popularity of this app is a testament to the growing influence of Google in the mobile phone market despite the recently filed class-action suit by […]

Image for Google Nexus One Superphone Sales 2010

Disappointing Low Sales of Google Nexus One Superphone

This is just pathetic and sad despite the outstanding Google Nexus One Phone review posted by CNET, Bloomberg, among others. Google’s much-hyped and reputed would be iPhone-killer Nexus One smart phone sold a measly 80,000 units for January 2010. Compare this to iPhone when it debuted on 2007, it sold a whooping 600,000 units in […]

Images that Work on the Google Goggles Mobile Phone Application

Download Google Goggles App: Google Goggles Mobile Phone Application Demo Video

Google Goggles Application was launched on the first week of December 2009. Google Goggles is a downloadable application for select mobile phones with cameras and internet access. In short Google Goggles app can be used in smartphones and android handsets. Google Goggles App is actually an image recognition software application created by Google, Incorporated. The […]

Nexus One Google Phone Commercial Video | Google Nexus One Superphone

Nexus One Google Phone Commercial Video | Google Nexus One Superphone

We’ve posted two articles about the Google Phone Nexus One which is called a “superphone” because it is considered smarter than smartphones available in the market today. Nexus One Google Phone is another android handset that is the first mobile phone to utilize the 2.1 version of android software. So Google’s Nexus One Superphone’s software […]

Google Phone Nexus One Features: Hands-On Demo of Google Nexus One Superphone Features

Google Phone Nexus One Features: Hands-On Demo of Google Nexus One Superphone Features

As a follow-up post of our first article on Nexus One Android Phone by Google, here are more info about this newly released “superphone” by Google. The Google Phone Nexus One is actually from HTC but was exclusively branded and designed by Google. What is the result of this team-up between HTC and Google for […]