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Photo of Apple iPod Shuffle 4 with Buttons and VoiceOver

iPod Shuffle 4th Gen: New iPod Shuffle Release Date, Features and Price

Apple’s iPod Shuffle 4 with Buttons and VoiceOver (4th Generation iPod Shuffle) is almost here. This new iPod shuffle was introduced alongside iPod Nano 6 and iPod Touch 4 in Apple’s press conference held earlier today, September 1st 2010. The features, specifications, price and release date of the iPod Shuffle 4 was presented and discussed […]


Have You Seen the New iPod Shuffle 2009?

If you haven’t seen the New iPod Shuffle released recently (March 2009) then you haven’t seen the smallest music player yet. The new iPod Shuffle is cute, small and looks very fragile. If you are careless, you can easily break the new iPod Shuffle. Also, s a word of caution to our readers, don’t let […]


New iPod Shuffle 4GB Can Talk to You

The New iPod Shuffle, one of the world’s smallest MP3 players, can actually “talk” to you. The fact that the New iPod Shuffle is small (see picture below) is amazing already. Add to that the new “talking” ability of the new iPod Shuffle and you’ll simply be amazed even more. This new iPod Shuffle made […]