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Microsoft Safety Scanner Free Download for a Limited Time Only

Microsoft Safety Scanner: Free Virus Scanner and Remover Software for Windows PC

One of the most annoying tasks I suffer is cleaning very well hidden Trojans that infected the computers at the office and at my own computer shop. I’m very much irritated that all current anti-virus and malware protection programs in the market right now, except for Norton Internet Security 2012, are helpless against system-masqueraded Trojans. […]


Microsoft Security Essentials Download Now Available!

Microsoft Security Essentials Download is now available with free trial. This is the latest update for Microsoft Security Essentials Public Beta so Beta users may download this antivirus version now. Aside from Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus also check out Norton Antivirus 2010 and Super Antispyware. Before downloading the latest Beta version of Microsoft Security Essentials […]