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How to Upgrade from Linux Ubuntu 8.10 to 9.04 Release

After posting our initial write-up about Linux Ubuntu 9.04, we know many will be asking how to upgrade from the current stable release 8.10 to version 9.04. We have found this one on the Ubuntu website but we would like to share it with everyone reading this article. The steps are simple and you should […]


Linux Ubuntu 9.04 Release is Underway

Linux Ubuntu’s latest stable release is Ubuntu 8.10 and we’ve been using this since its first day of release. Now, Linux Ubuntu get an update and its version 9.04 is about to be seen a few days from now. Linux Ubuntu 9.04 features have not been revealed yet but we assume it addresses some bugs […]

Windows 7 or Linux Ubuntu 8.10: Which is Faster After Windows 7 Tested Slow?

Windows 7 was recently tested and it was found out that Windows 7 is not that fast (contrary to Microsoft’s hope that it will be faster than Windows Vista). This result was based on benchmark tests conducted by several beta testers of Windows 7. This begs the question “Which is faster between Windows 7 and […]


Linux Ubuntu 8.10 Server Edition Features

After blogging the Latest Linux Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition Features and Release Date, I am posting here the features of the latest Ubuntu 8.10 Server Edition which allegedly enhances Java, virtualization and system management capabilities. Sounds cool, huh? Ok, without further ado, here are the great features of the Ubuntu 8.10 server edition: Virtualisation Building […]

Latest Linux Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition Features and Release Date

I have been using Linux Ubuntu 7.04 for a few months now and I really love the features of the Ubuntu desktop version. I’ve been waiting eagerly for the release of Linux Ubuntu 8.10 which will be released on October 30 this year. I am excited to see the features of the latest Linux Ubuntu […]