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iPhone iOS 4.0 Firmware Update Screenshot

iPhone iOS 4 Free Firmware Update Download for iPhone and iPod Touch

Apple’s new mobile platform iPhone iOS 4 update is now ready for free download. The free iPhone iOS 4 upgrade started rolling out on June 21. This free iPhone iOS 4 firmware update is only for iPhone and iPod Touch owners, iPad owners will have to wait a few more days. No explanation was issued […]


iPod Touch 3.0 Update and iPhone OS 3.0 Update

The iPod Touch 3.0 update is available but the OS 3.0 for the iPhone is not. According to Apple, “When you get the new iPhone 3.0 Software Update for iPod touch, you get new features that make watching video, playing games, and listening to music even more fun.” Really? If you don’t mind giving Apple […]


iTunes 8.0.1 Improves Stability and Performance, and Includes Bug Fixes to iTunes 8

After downloading the latest update to iTunes 8 which is iTunes 8.0.1, I’ve seen quite a number of changes in this upgraded version. If you can recall, Apple released iTunes 8 promising great features including Genius Playlist, Genius Sidebar and HD TV shows, among others. These new features seemed too good to be true at […]


New Features in iTunes 8: Genius Playlist, Genius Sidebar and HD TV Shows

If you have been playing around with Apple iTunes 7 (or should I say using iTunes), then iTunes 8 offers great features you don’t want to miss. First off, it offers a Genius Playlist where it automatically creates a playlist from compatible songs depending on your selection. According to Apple, iTunes 8’s Genius Playlist “is […]

New Apple iPod Touch Specifications and Features

Apple is on a roll with its new products like the New iPod Nano-Chromatic (8Gb and 16Gb), iPhone 3G and now, the iPod Touch. Specifications and features of these gadgets are really fantastic but not perfect. They have flaws too like the iPhone 3G’s vulnerability, among others. I just wish all of these gadgets are […]