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iPod Touch 4 32GB Model MC544LL/A Sale Price and Features

Apple 32GB iPod Touch – Current Gen Black Model #MC544LL/A on SALE

The iPod Touch 4th Generation with iPhone iOS 4.1 released in 2010 is still the current gen this 2012. Rumors say that an iPod Touch 5th Gen is up for release this but Apple has no official announcements. The only thing new is that White iTouch 4 is now available.

Cyber Tuesday Deal, Cheapest iPod Touch, Cyber Tuesday Sale Promo

Cyber Tuesday Sale on Cheap iPod Touch 4 8GB, 32GB, 64GB Bundle Deals

The iPod Touch 4th generation even got its share of deals last week via iPod Touch 4 Black Friday Deals and Sale Promo. The Cyber Tuesday, you still have the chance to own an iPod Touch 4 at a discounted rate. Optionally, you can get iTouch 4 (8GB, 32GB or 64GB) with accessory kits of […]

Photo of iPod Touch 4th Generation with iOS 4.1

iPod Touch 4th Generation with iPhone iOS 4.1 Now Available in Apple Stores

The iPod Touch 4th Generation with iOS 4.1 was released in September 8, 2010. This iPod Touch 4 was announced in the 1st of September to be simultaneously released with iPhone iOS 4.1 version of the Apple’s operating system for mobile gadgets. Other than the iPod Touch 4th Generation, the iPhone iOS 4.1 free download […]

iPhone iOS 4.1 for iPod Touch 4, iPhone 4

iPhone iOS 4.1 Free Download and New iPod Touch 4 (iTouch 4th Generation)

When we reported on Apple’s iPhone iOS 4.1, the main focus of the update was the fix to the signal problem of iPhone 4. Now that the new iPod Touch 4 has been revealed to the public, iOS 4.1 free download is being anticipated by many, even us because we own these Apple products (except […]

The New iPod Touch 4 or iTouch 4 Photo

iPod Touch 4: iPod Touch 4th Generation Improved With FaceTime Video Calling and Dual Cameras

Steve Jobs, himself made the unveiling of their latest iPod Touch 4 today. He made a grand presentation of iPod Touch 4 with so much bravado you’d think he was already presenting the iPhone 5 or something. His enthusiasm is well-founded, the new iPod Touch 4 comes with new killer features that makes it a […]