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iMessage iOS 5 Feature for All Apple iOS Devices

iMessage: New iOS 5 Messaging Service for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch

iMessage is one the new iOS 5 best features. It’s a messaging service that connects all iOS 5 devices. Apple’s iMessage supports all iOS devices with a secured connection.

iOS 5 New Important Features

iOS 5 Best Features: Apple iOS 5 Got More Than 200 New Features

Apple finally unveiled the highlighted features of the upcoming iOS 5 mobile operating system last June 6 at WWDC 2011 event. They sketched out more than 200 new features for this iOS 5 update but here are the most important ones.

iOS 5 New Notification Bar Leaked

New iOS 5 Home Screen Leaked Photograph Reveals New Notification Bar

A leaked photograph is going around the net which is making Apple fans ecstatic. The photo shows what the new iOS 5 home screen is supposedly like. This image is very interesting because it reveals a brand new notification bar! This photograph is said to be genuine because there’s also a new redesigned Camera Icon […]

iOS 4.3 Features, iOS 4.3 Release Date, iPad 2 Features, Apple iOS 4.3 on iPad 2

iOS 4.3 Update: iPhone iOS 4.3 Software Update Features

Steve Jobs unveiled the iPad 2 features and technical specs which mainly boasted the new tablet PC’s hardware specifications. Jobs also announced the iPad 2 release date and price. After which, Scott Forstall (SVP iOS Software) took over the stage to present the new iOS 4.3 that will be on the iPad 2.

iOS 4.3 Release Date, iOS 4.3 Availability, Apple iOS 4.3 on iPad 2

iOS 4.3 Release Date: Free iOS 4.3 Software Update Coming Soon

Apple’s press conference on March 2, 2011 in San Francisco, California officially announced the new iPad. Steve Jobs presented the iPad 2 with its features and technical specs. Along with the Apple iPad 2 Tablet PC, the release of a new firmware was revealed – iOS 4.3 version.

iOS 4.2 Release Date, Features, Review

iOS 4.2 Update: New iPhone iOS 4.2 Features for iPad Tablet PC

Apple has announced another software upgrade or update for their mobile operating system called iOS. Apple calls it the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. It is currently used in three Apple mobile devices – iPad Tablet, iPhone and iPod Touch.

iPhone iOS 4.2 Release Date for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone

iPhone iOS 4.2 Release Date for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Mobile Operating Systems are on battling for being the best. Google released the Android OS 2.2 Froyo for android mobile devices like Motorola Droid Phones, Samsung Continuum Android Phone and Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet PC. Google Android OS Gingerbread Update is also on the way.

iPad Update: iOS 4.2 Update for iPad Tablet Coming Soon

iPad Update: iOS 4.2 Update for iPad Tablet Coming Soon

Apple is about to release a new software update for its mobile devices. Of course, the new firmware update will be for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Tablet PC. Apple has confirmed that the iOS update will be available in November 2010 but the precise release date is not yet revealed.

Apple iPhone iOS 4 Official Logo

Apple iPhone iOS 4 Official Release Date and New Features List

As promised here are more tidbits about Apple’s newest mobile operating system, the iOS 4. The iPhone iOS 4 firmware update will officially be available for download this coming June 21, 2010. This is a welcome development. It’s been more than year since the release of iPhone OS 3.0 and iPhone-users have been waiting so […]

iPhone iOS 4 Discussed by Steve Jobs

iPhone OS 4.0 Is Renamed To iPhone iOS 4 as Apple’s New Mobile Operating System

Steve Jobs made a very surprising announcement at the WWDC event. The much-anticipated final release of the iPhone OS update to version 4.0 also came with a new name for the mobile operating system. From now on, Apple’s mobile platform franchise will now be called the iOS 4. Apple is roaring to get back on […]