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Download iPhone 3.0.1 Update Patch Free to Fix iPhone Text Virus

Apple has already released an iPhone 3.0.1 update, a patch that will fix the first “iPhone Text Virus” or simply iPhone Virus. You can download iPhone OS 3.0.1 firmware update free via iTunes 8.2.1 and it works for the three iPhone generations: iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S. The update is 300MB in size […]


iPhone Virus | iPhone SMS Hack | iPhone Text Virus

Have you ever experienced the iPhone Virus? Sounds like the iPhone can’t be hacked, right? Wrong. The iPhone 3G and 3G S, just like other mobile phones have their own Achilles Heels, so to speak. The iPhone virus, iPhone text virus or SMS virus (however you want to call it) only shows that every digital […]


Google Latitude Web App for iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod Touch 3.0

Do you remember the Google Latitude launched by the Big G a few months ago? Update: Google Latitude can now be run in your iPhone 3G/3GS powered by OS 3.0 and iPod Touch 3.0! That’s right, peeps. Using your iPhone, you can locate your friends’ location and what they are doing and vice versa. This […]


How to Unlock iPhone 3G Using Ultrasnow for Free

As follow-up to our iPhone 3G and iPhone OS 3.0 news updates, we’d like to share with everyone this simple tutorial on how to unlock iPhone 3G using Ultrasnow (a free software to  upgrade iPhone 3G). This one is for those who have not upgraded their iPhone 3G cell phones yet.


iPhone OS 3.1 for Developers Only at the Moment

After the iPhone 3GS release, another upgrade for the iPhone OS is in the works – the iPhone OS 3.1. When will iPhone OS 3.1 come out? Not very long, we expect. With the popularity of this gadget, Apple will definitely be making more money with another OS upgrade.


iPhone 3GS Overheating Problem and Issues

Apparently, some owners of iPhone 3GS have reported overheating incidents. iPhone 3GS overheating problem is one of  the  first issues buyers have encountered after getting the new handset celebrated by millions worldwide. After the iPhone 3GS release, the excitement built up almost instantaneously that potential buyers (at that  time) did not even mind  the possibilities […]


iPod Touch 3.0 Update and iPhone OS 3.0 Update

The iPod Touch 3.0 update is available but the OS 3.0 for the iPhone is not. According to Apple, “When you get the new iPhone 3.0 Software Update for iPod touch, you get new features that make watching video, playing games, and listening to music even more fun.” Really? If you don’t mind giving Apple […]

iPhone 3.0 OS Release Time on June 17

The famed iPhone OS 3.0 release time today (June 17) is soon to be known. This is in preparation for the iPhone 3G S release date on the 19th. iPhone OS 3.0 will be be available on the Apple website any time today so watch out for it.


iPhone 3.0 Release Date Later Than iPhone OS 3.0 Release Date

iPhone 3.0 Release Date Update: In case you missed it, the release date of the iPhone 3.0 (aka iPhone 3GS) has been updated. We expected the iPhone 3.0 release date and iPhone OS 3.0 release date to be on the same day and at a later time (sometime in July). It turned out that the […]


iPhone 3GS is the New iPhone 2009 Release: Photos Included

This just in and is indeed exciting. iPhone 3GS is the name given to the New iPhone 2009 released a few hours ago. Some photos are given below so feast your eyes on these samples. So, what’s new with iPhone 3GS? Not only is the iPhone 3GS (or 3G S) more beautiful, it’s even faster!