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New EarPods by Apple Price and Features

Apple EarPods: New Apple Earphones Fits Any Shape of Ear

A common problem with earphones is fitting them onto your external ear canal. Well, Apple found a solution and created a pair of earphones that would fit any shape ear canal’s outer shape called the Apple EarPods. Whatever size they are, some earphones just don’t fit well because of their default shape. Even with cushion, […]

MagniCase iPhone Case Price and Features

MagniCase: Make Your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S Screen Look 1.5x Bigger

While Android phone makers are rolling out 4.3-inch and larger display-equipped phones, Apple iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 users are still stuck with the same 3.5-inch screen. An enterprising individual has invented the MagniCase.

aPen A4 Smart Pen for iOS Devices Price

aPen A4 Digital Recording Wireless Pen for iPad or iPhone | No Tablet Needed

For non-digital graphic artist, writing on a pen tablet such as the Wacom Bamboo Pen CTL460 Graphics Pen Tablet is quite hard. Graphics tablets have been used by video game designers, digital painters and more.

Photo of the Pink iSkin Claro Series iPhone 4/4S Case with a Low Price of $35. Now Available in the US, Canada, UK, Asia, Europe and Other International Territories

iSkin’s New Claro Series iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S Case with High-Gloss Polymer: Price = US$35

Those of you who own an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, I suggest you protect your precious phones with the new special cases from iSkin. The recently launched Claro Series from iSkin is now available for ordering at iskin.com/iphone4/claro/. The asking price for these cool iPhone cases is $35 for each unit but believe me, […]

Digitech iStomp Stomp Box for Apple iPad, iPod and iPad Tablets

Digitech iStomp StompBox Controller for Virtual Guitar Effects for iPhone 4S, iTouch and iPad 2

Attune to the changing times, guitar effects maker Digitech is taking advantage of the new fad for Apple iOS devices. Famous for creating some of the best foot pedal guitar effects since the early early 1990s, Digitech is now also offering virtual guitar effects for iOS devices. Yes, instead of the metal and rubber stomp […]

Philips DS6100 iOS Speakers Release Date, Price and Technical Specs

Philips DS6100 iOS Speakers with 20W of Audio Muscle Price and Technical Specs Report

Those of you who own iOS devices should consider buying the upcoming Philips DS6100 iOS speakers. This portable speaker is a testament to the pervasive influence of iPad tablets, iPhone 4S (5th Gen), iPhone 4/3GS handsets and iTouch. Philips, once a dominant MP3 player maker has now shifted to manufacturing third-party accessories for iOS devices.

L5 iOS Universal Remote Control Specifications and System Requirements

L5 iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Universal Remote with iOS App Technical Specifications

The L5 Universal Remote for iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad with iOS App transforms your humble iOS device into a remote control for your HDTV, home theater system, DVD player, cable box, digital video recorders and other devices than comes with an IR remote.

L5 iPhone/iPad/iPod Universal Remote Control Price and Features

L5 Universal Remote for iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad with iOS App on SALE

The L5 Universal Remote for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad offered last April 2011 is available again! This is like an advanced Black Friday treat and Cyber Monday deal for online shoppers. In time for Thanksgiving, buy this for a friend or family member who owns an iOS device.

iPhone Dock Fan Price and Features

Dock Fan for iPhone/iPad: Great Way to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is almost upon the horizon so a shrewd Japanese dude invented one of the coolest iPhone accessories. His Dock Fan is sure to keep you cool and comfy even under the burning sun. It’s the first Apple 30-pin compatible personal mobile mini-electric fan that attaches to any iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Acoustic Research ARS20i Price, Specs, and Features

Acoustic Research ARS20i: Affordable Speaker Dock for iPhone, iPod and iPad

Amazon is offering an excellent but very wallet-friendly dock for the iPhone or iPad. It’s from a trusted manufacturer too. The Acoustic Research ARS20i Speaker Dock is being offered by Amazon for only $77.74 with FREE shipping.