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iPhone 3GS Upgrade: Will You Pay That Much To Get an iPhone 3G S?

iPhone 3GS Upgrade Update: iPhone 3GS was released with some bang today especially when we’ve heard of the upgrade fees. iPhone 3GS upgrade might cause some of you to frown upon these figures – $399 (16GB handset) and $499 (32GB handset). Cheap or what? I think you can answer that. Your answer is highly subjective.


iPhone 3GS Upgrade Fee Is Expensive: Cost Between $399-499

If you are an owner of an iPhone 3G and wish to have an iPhone 3GS upgrade, hold your horses. We were a bit shocked to know that the iPhone 3GS upgrade will cost between $399 to $499. Damn! That’s a hell lot of money just to get our hands on the new iPhone 2009 […]