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Check iPhone 3GS Availability in the US via the Apple Store

If you are from the US and would love to buy an iPhone 3GS (which was recently reported by some users to be overheating), head on to the Apple retail store and check if iPhone 3GS is available in your area. You can place your order/s online right from the website also. You can likewise check […]


iPhone 3GS Overheating Problem and Issues

Apparently, some owners of iPhone 3GS have reported overheating incidents. iPhone 3GS overheating problem is one of  the  first issues buyers have encountered after getting the new handset celebrated by millions worldwide. After the iPhone 3GS release, the excitement built up almost instantaneously that potential buyers (at that  time) did not even mind  the possibilities […]


iPhone 3GS Upgrade: Will You Pay That Much To Get an iPhone 3G S?

iPhone 3GS Upgrade Update: iPhone 3GS was released with some bang today especially when we’ve heard of the upgrade fees. iPhone 3GS upgrade might cause some of you to frown upon these figures – $399 (16GB handset) and $499 (32GB handset). Cheap or what? I think you can answer that. Your answer is highly subjective.


iPhone 3.0 Release Date Later Than iPhone OS 3.0 Release Date

iPhone 3.0 Release Date Update: In case you missed it, the release date of the iPhone 3.0 (aka iPhone 3GS) has been updated. We expected the iPhone 3.0 release date and iPhone OS 3.0 release date to be on the same day and at a later time (sometime in July). It turned out that the […]


iPhone 3GS Upgrade Fee Is Expensive: Cost Between $399-499

If you are an owner of an iPhone 3G and wish to have an iPhone 3GS upgrade, hold your horses. We were a bit shocked to know that the iPhone 3GS upgrade will cost between $399 to $499. Damn! That’s a hell lot of money just to get our hands on the new iPhone 2009 […]


iPhone 3GS Release Date Including Prices

The iPhone 3GS or 3G S release date was officially announced at the WorldWide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) yesterday. iPhone 3GS release date was set on June 19, two days later than the iPhone OS 3.0 release date on the 17th. The iPhone 3GS availability will not be worldwide when it’s released to the market. It […]


iPhone 3GS is the New iPhone 2009 Release: Photos Included

This just in and is indeed exciting. iPhone 3GS is the name given to the New iPhone 2009 released a few hours ago. Some photos are given below so feast your eyes on these samples. So, what’s new with iPhone 3GS? Not only is the iPhone 3GS (or 3G S) more beautiful, it’s even faster!