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N.O.V.A. for Palm webOS Devices Price and Game Review

Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance (N.O.V.A.) 3D Shooting Game for Palm webOS Phones

I was browsing HP’s webOS apps marketplace and I found out that Palm Pre 2 and Palm Pixi Plus smartphones actually got some very good 3D shooting games. One that intrigues me is N.O.V.A. or near Orbit Vanguard Alliance which is a sci-fi shooting game comparable to Halo Reach. This game was developed and published […]

Angry Birds Rio Palm Pre WebOS Price and Release Date on HP Web AppStore

Angry Birds Rio Download Now Available for HP Pre 3 webOS Devices

Die-hard Palm Pre 2 users should be elated to hear that the planet’s most popular mobile game is now available for them too. Angry Birds Rio is now live and ready to download from HP’s webOS app market. You can get this game for a low price – only $1.99 – and it’s available already […]

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HP Pre 3 webOS Smartphone with True Multitasking and Just Type Feature

Hewlett-Packard is continuously developing the webOS. As a matter of fact, the company released the new Update for Palm Pre 2 – the Palm webOS 2.0 in late 2010. This year, HP unveiled three new webOS devices – HP TouchPad, HP Veer and HP Pre 3.

HP Veer, HP Pre 3 and HP TouchPad Announcement

HP TouchPad, HP Veer and HP Pre 3: New webOS Devices Unveiled by HP

HP announced the new update for Palm Pre 2 the Palm webOS 2.0 in October 2010. After its release, HP continues to develop the webOS by Palm. Hewlett-Packard has announced three new webOS devices and is even taking the webOS to the big screen.