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Google Gmail Voice Call in Use

Google Voice Call (Gmail PC-to-Phone Call) Hits 1 Million Calls on Its First Day of Launch!

The Google Voice project has gone a long way from just simple voice call recording. Skype geeks must be trembling already because the new Gmail Voice Call feature, Gmail’s just-released PC-to-Phone calling, did a blockbuster debut. Americans and Canadians did more than 1 million calls right on the first trial day of Gmail’s calling feature. […]

Google Gmail Voice Screenshot

Google Voice and Chat Update: Make Free Calls with Gmail Voice Calls

Google Voice and Chat in Gmail has an upgrade. Internet behemoth Google is once again flexing its muscle by updating Google Voice and chat functions in Google Mail. The company announced today that Gmail users can now enjoy free unlimited voice calls to landline and mobile phone numbers in the US and Canada. Check your […]


Google Voice Still For GrandCentral Users Only

We were hoping to sign up with Google Voice because of rumors that it’s going to be available for use by the public (internet users). However, Google Voice Help page stated that it is still to come. Hopefully, this will not take too long because we’re itching to try it out ourselves. For more info […]


Google Voice Chat Plus Google Video Chat = Great Chat App

After the release of Google Android Phone (G1), Google released another first that is Google voice and video chat. Google voice and video chat is making huge waves among chatters worldwide after only a few days after its release to the public on November 11. Is the new Google voice and video chat application the […]