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iObit File SHredder and Uninstaller Freewares

iObit Uninstaller and File Shredder Tools to Remove Unwanted Files and Programs

iObit has produced several freewares that we love using. First, they have the Free Advanced SystemCare 7 System Cleaner for Windows and it worked without causing problems in Windows XP and Windows 7. They also offer the Iobit Defrag 3, which is the best free defragmenter for laptops and notebooks. After downloading the two softwares […]

New Advanced SystemCare 7 System Cleaner Free Download

Free Advanced SystemCare 7 System Cleaner for Windows 8 + Real-time Malware Protection

If a malware, spyware or virus is trying to change your browser homepage, that is a sign that you need to download the free Advanced SystemCare 7 System Cleaner for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. This is one of the best free softwares we’ve tried aside from the freeware Comodo System Cleaner (see our […]

Defrag 3 Freeware Download and Review

Iobit Defrag 3: Best Freeware to Defragment Laptops, Notebooks, Desktop PCs

Released just a week ago, the Iobit Defrag 3 is simply the best free software defragementer out there to optimize the performance of laptops, notebooks and Desktop PC’s. Our aging Acer TravelMate 6292-6B2G25Mn Notebook, for instance, has benefited from the new Disk Defragmentation Engine of Iobit Defrag 3. As you can see, we’ve been using […]

Comodo System Cleaner Free Software Download

Comodo System Cleaner: Free Utility Suite that Keeps Windows PC Secured and Efficient

Although we are already enjoying the many features of Windows 7 OS, some tech-savvy people still dismiss it as buggy compared to Mac OS X or Linux. Microsoft’s premium desktop operating system has yet to equal the reliability of Apple’s OS. Thankfully, third-party developers created system utilities that address the shortcomings of Windows 7 and […]

File Repair 2.1 Free Software Download

File Repair 2.1: The Most Powerful Free File Repair Utility for Windows

I work in a digital photo lab printer and it pains me every time to receive corrupted JPEG files which really upset my customer because they can’t have their precious moments printed. It’s very easy to recover pictures from corrupted memory cards with the many freeware programs available online but I would like to share […]

Lazar Freezer Freeware Windows Utility CPU Management

Lazar Freezer: Free Windows Software to Manage CPU Usage

No matter how powerful a Quad-Core Windows computer is, its system will still slow down for habitual multi-taskers. Windows 7 is still plagued by system choking when there’s too much programs running simultaneously because Microsoft has yet to discover a better way to manage CPU loads. Thankfully, there’s a new free open-source program that will […]

Snow Transformation Pack 1.5 Free Download and Release Notes

Snow Transformation Pack 1.5: Turns Windows 7 or Vista PC to Look Like Mac OS X 10.6

Bored with Windows 7 or Windows Vista OS computer and want to experience the beauty that is Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard? Better download and install the free Snow Transformation Pack 1.5! It’s the most flexible and accurate emulation of Apple’s gorgeous Mac OS X desktop user interface.

TeraCopy 2.2 Beta 3 Free Download and Features

TeraCopy 2.2 Beta 3: Freeware to Help Transfer Files Faster

For those who are still stuck with old desktops and laptops and still languishes in the decades old USB 1.0 realm, here’s a free program to help speed file transfers. TeraCopy 2.2 Beta 3 File Transfer Management Software is available for public use! It’s a very tiny app exclusively designed to quickly move files between […]

Android Injector App Review

Android Injector: Freeware That Lets You Install Android Apps Even Without Android Market

The proliferation of cheap Chinese generic Android tablets and smartphones on eBay has given rise to Google not being able to check them and give official approval. This is why most generic unbranded Android tablets online do not have the official Google Android Market installed.

Eltima Software SyncMate Android to Mac Synchronization Software Review

Eltima Software’s SyncMate: Synchronize Android Devices with Mac OS X

I own a Mac Mini and Macbook but I no longer have an iOS device and I’m currently using a Samsung Galaxy phone. I resorted to intensive Google searching for a way to synchronize my Samsung Galaxy S to my Mac computers. I would like to share with you what I discovered regarding this matter […]