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Mozilla Firefox 28 Add-ons Causing Problems

How to Prevent Mozilla Firefox Browser From Freezing or Crashing Unexpectedly

It took us a while to figure out how to prevent Mozilla Firefox 28 browser from freezing and halting our web surfing activities. As reported earlier, Mozilla Firefox 28 consumes memory like a hog. It doesn’t matter if you have one tab opened or 20 tabs simultaneously opened. Firefox will freeze and crash. But taking […]

Mozilla Firefox 28 Browser Memory Use

Mozilla Firefox 28 Errors Could Be Related to Huge Memory Consumption

As follow up to the complaints we have on Mozilla Firefox 28 Errors and possibly bugs and incompatibilities, we’re posting a screenshot of our Windows Task Manager showing the CPU and memory consumption of applications (programs). First off, we’re using Windows 7 Ultimate Home Edition and physically, our Acer Travelmate 6292 laptop/notebook only has 2GB […]

Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Suddenly Crashes

Errors in Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Free Download: Firefox Crashes Frequently

We we’re really disappointed with the new update to Mozilla Firefox 27.01. The new Mozilla Firefox 28 free download did not do much good to the browser’s stability. It has remained unstable as we have reported from the Firefox bugs in version 3.5.2. With much delight though, we have downloaded the improved Internet Explorer 11 for […]

Download Free Firefox 8 - Faster, More Stable and Secure Browser

Firefox 8.0 Free Download is Out Today, Shows Great Potential for Speed and Better Security

Good news folks! Mozilla Firefox 8.0 free download is now ready for everyone in most part of the world. After all the complaints and bugs experienced by internet users starting from Firefox 4 (which we’re still using on our Lenovo Ideapad S12 netbook) up to Firefox 7.xx. Off the bat, Firefox 8 seems faster and […]

Download Free Firefox 4; Release Date Announcement and Preview of Features

Mozilla Firefox 4 Final Version Release Date (Free Download Schedule) Announced

The browser war is heating up once again. Just 2 days after Microsoft set loose their Internet Explorer 9 (free IE 9 Download to all internet users), rival Mozilla announced it will be releasing the final version of Firefox 4 on March 22 (target release date). The Firefox browser has steadily been stealing users away […]

Firefox 3.6.11 Free Download Still Crashes Frequently

Mozilla Firefox 3.6.11 Free Download Did Not Update Firefox 3.6.10 Significantly

If you have updated to the latest Mozilla Firefox version today (just like we did), the first thing you’ll notice is Mozilla “Crash Protection” upgrade feature. In our case, however, we have not seen this after our update. Some add-ons (see screenshot photo below) don’t run properly with the new version. Our PC is running […]

Firefox 3.6.10 Free Download Upgrade

New Mozilla Firefox 3.6.10 is Faster than Firefox 3.6.9, 3.6.8 and Older Versions

When we reported that the IE 9 free download was already out, our Mozilla Firefox 3.6.9 began to behave slower than usual. Checking the Help button, we saw that it’s auto-updating to the new Firefox 3.6.10. For all FF users, you can download Firefox 3.6.10 free at this link – http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/personal.html.