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TeraCopy 2.2 Beta 3 Free Download and Features

TeraCopy 2.2 Beta 3: Freeware to Help Transfer Files Faster

For those who are still stuck with old desktops and laptops and still languishes in the decades old USB 1.0 realm, here’s a free program to help speed file transfers. TeraCopy 2.2 Beta 3 File Transfer Management Software is available for public use! It’s a very tiny app exclusively designed to quickly move files between […]

MetatOGGer Tag Editor Review and Download Link

MetatOGGer 4.1 Music File Tagger Free Download

Doesn’t it piss you off that when you try to transfer your PC or Mac’s music library to your iPod or MP3 player that the entire carefully-created music library gets thrown off by the chaotic tagging of MP3 files? MP3 players do not have the processor power of computers and their limited brains gets easily […]

FileMaker Go for iOS Price and Promo Deal

Buy FileMaker Go for iPhone/iPad and Get 50% Off FileMaker Pro 11

Filemaker, Inc. is doing a special promotional deal that business professionals should grab immediately. Just buy FileMaker Go App for the iOS and you automatically get a 50% discount voucher you can use to buy FileMaker Pro 11. This offer is only good up to June 17, 2011 so hurry up. FileMaker Go 1.2.1 for […]