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CityVille Launched by Zynga through Farmville on Facebook

Zynga Introduces CityVille via Farmville on Facebook

Zynga is on the roll. The company that made Farmville has launched a few days ago the new Cityville Facebook game app. The release of this new game came shortly after launching the new payment method via American Express Card.

Farmville and American Express Card Introduces New Payment Method

Zynga’s Farmville Partners with American Express Card for a New Payment Method Scheme

I’ve been playing Farmville for about 3 months now. My Friend Almario has been playing for a year. Truly, Farmville is an addictive Facebook Game App.

Farmville Users in Facebook Graph up to February 2010

Number of FarmVille on Facebook Hits 81 Million Users and Counting

Appdata.com, an independent application metrics monitoring company, announced that Zynga’s blockbuster social farm simulation game, FarmVille has breached 81 million Monthly Active Users! Accordingly, Appdata.com has also disclosed that there are now 29.7M Daily Active Users of FarmVille. That’s almost 30 million Facebookers around the world addicted to role-playing a farmer’s life everyday! I am […]

Image for Play Farmville on MSN Games

Play the Addictive FarmVille on MSN Games Free

Yes, you read it right – you can now play Farmville on MSN Games. The mighty Microsoft has finally woke-up to the impending domination of social gaming on the web by offering Farmville on MSN. The biggest software company on the planet has partnered up with Zynga and asked it to put its record-busting FarmVille […]

Image for Tutorial on Top 20 Crops That Give the Best XP in Farmville

FarmVille XP guide: 20 Crops That Give the Best XP

Gaining XP at FarmVille is not as easy as it may seem. It requires much patience and diligence. You gain XP by planting a crop or tree or even an item. You also gain XP by building farm structures. But the best way to earn regular XP is to plant crops (see our article titled […]

Image of Farmville Cheats to Harvest More Crops

FarmVille Cheats: How to Harvest More Crops Faster

Alright, here’s one Farmville cheat I’m going to share with you. You can look into more Farmville cheats and tutorials in our archives but this one is for harvesting crops faster than usual (to earn more coins later). Ok I am now level 9 in less than a day of playing FarmVille. I hope you […]

Image of Top 10 Most Profitable Trees to Plant in Farmville

FarmVille Tutorial: Top 10 Most Profitable Trees to Plant Guide

After giving you FarmVille Farm Cash Guide: 10 Most Profitable Crops to Plant, here’s another one of those Farmville cheats and tutorials for your playing pleasure of the most popular casual game in the world. Ok, I think you need to realize that getting rich in FarmVille isn’t all about planting crops. You also earn […]

Image for Farmville Cash Guide to Earn More Coins

FarmVille Farm Cash Guide: 10 Most Profitable Crops to Plant

Her’s one of our Farmville guides and tutorials. This time we’ll deal with one way to earn more cash in Farmville. Of course we know that want to build the most pimped-up FarmVille ranch you can. You can accomplish this without paying real money to Zynga. You just need to be industrious and smart in […]

Image of Farmville: The Most Popular Casual Game in the World

FarmVille: How to Play the World’s Most Popular Casual Game!

If you think World of Warcraft or Call of Duty 6 is the most popular video game in the world today, you are so mistaken. This Guinness distinction belongs to Zynga’s simple browser-game Farmville. Yep! Farmville is certainly the most popular game in the world. It’s free and fun to play. With confirmed 60 million […]