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Travia Reborn Video Game MMORPG

Erebus Travia Reborn Video Game Preview | Free to Play Online MMORPG

Outspark is right to publish this classic Diablo-esque game Travia MMORPG. The world deserves a game that doesn’t require us to spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy. The company said they have modified the old Travia to suit the taste of Western gamers. While Travia is still very popular in the Japanese and Korean market, […]

Play Erebus Travia Reborn

Erebus: Travia Reborn and Improved, Old Free MMORPG Resurrected by Outspark

Erebus: Travia MMORPG is back from the dead! Travia Reborn is something old-school style of fantasy role-playing gamers love. Outspark announced that they won the publishing rights to Travia Reborn and they were scheduled to start Closed-Beta testing on March 17. As of this writing, the Beta testing is over but there is another one […]