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Download Top 10 Free Apps on iTunes 8.2: Chicken Panic Full Version Free Tops List

After publishing the Top 10 Paid Apps on iTunes 8.2, here comes the list of Top 10 Free Apps on iTunes 8.2 (which you can download for free now). Another game topped the list (Chicken Panic Full Version Free). This list of Top Free Apps on iTunes corroborates with the initial findings that the Games […]


Top 10 Paid Apps on iTunes 8.2: The Sims 3 Tops List

Here is a short list of Top 10 paid apps on iTunes 8.2 and earlier versions where The Sims 3 emerged on top. If you know a little research, you will immediately spot the most lucrative category in the list of apps designed for iPhone 3.0 which is given below.


iTunes 8.2 Download and QuickTime 7.6.2 Update Now Available

iTunes 8.2 download and QuickTime 7.6.2 update are available for download. You can download iTunes 8.2 and QuickTime 7.6.2 via the Apple Software Updater if you run either QuickTime or iTunes from your PC (if you have previously installed them).

Download iTunes 8.2 Free: iTunes 8.2 May Support Bluray Discs

iTunes 8.2 is ow available for download for free. If you are an iPhone apps developer, you may now download iTunes 8.2 along with iPhone 3.0 Beta 4 for testing your newly-developed apps. This is in preparation for the upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 release in June (unsure of the exact date). For more info, better […]