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Canon G11 Compact Digital Camera Sample Photo

Canon Powershot G11 10MP Digital Camera Review: Specs and Price Just Right

The Canon Powershot G11 is the perfect backup digital camera if you don’t want to carry your bulky DSLR around (e.g., Mamiya DM40 40MP DSLR and Pentax 645D Digital SLR). Canon G11 features RAW mode for infinite editing options, which is perfect for people who’d want to Photoshop their way to dramatic effects on images. […]

Mamiya DM40 40MP DSLR Sample Photo

Mamiya DM40 40MP DSLR (Medium Format) Price and Technical Specs

Not to be outdone by the recent unveiling of the Pentax 645D 40MP DSLR Camera, Mamiya is also releasing a 40 megapixel medium format DLSR. This new Mamiya DM40 DSLR beats the Pentax 645D which was only set to launch in Japan on May 2010. However, this large-sensor camera will cost you more than twice […]

Pentax 645D DSLR Camera Top View Photo

Pentax 645D Digital SLR Sample Photos | 18-30MP DSLR Review

Other notable features of Pentax 645D DSLR camera, aside from its impressive 18 to 30MP 40MP capacity is the widely-acclaimed Pentax-exclusive PRIME (Pentax Real Image Engine) II image engine processor. This high-speed engine was exclusively programmed for the medium format. Pentax 645D digital SLR camera models can produce faithfully color-correct super high resolution pictures but […]

Pentax 645D DSLR Camera Sample Photo

Pentax 645D Medium Format DSLR Availability in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hongkong

Pentax 645D DSLR Camera has landed in Japan! Five years after the announcement of its development, Pentax finally released its much-anticipated 645D medium formal DSLR. Professional photographers and amateurs alike are now rejoicing around the world. They have been eagerly waiting for this affordable medium format digital camera. Pentax has been doing a month-long online […]

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S2100 Digital Camera Sample Photo

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S2100 Review: Sony’s Cheapest 12.1MP Cybershot Digital Camera

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S2100 digital camera has enjoyed some good reviews primarily because of its low price. Consumer electronics giant Sony of Japan has changed tactics in selling this cheap digital camera that has captured the fancy of many buyers in the US, Canada and Europe. The company formerly known for selling pricey digital cameras […]

Panasonic BL-c230a Wireless Security Camera Photo

Panasonic BL-C230A Wireless Security Camera Review, Price, Specs

Panasonic has released a cheaper network/security camera to monitor your precious home while you and your family aren’t around. The Panasonic BL-C230A is a compact wireless network camera that will retail for $299.25. With this security camera, you can keep an eye on your house through the internet while you are on the beach 5,000 […]

Photo of GE E1255W 12.2 Megapixel Digital Camera

GE E1255W 12.2MP Digital Camera with 3-inch LCD Price and Features

The GE E1255W Digital Camera with 12.2Megapixels and 5X Optical Zoom has an introductory price of $180 except shipping fee. The E1255W GE Digital Camera looks almost the same as another digital compact camera model by GE – the GE E1250 TW. This brand and model of GE digital camera is available in black, silver, […]

Kodak Slice 14MP Digital Camera Dimensions

Kodak Slice Digital Camera Review: Specs, Features, Release Date and Price

The novel highlights of the Kodak Slice specs and features are its capacitive touchscreen technology. It has a widescreen 16:9 ratio LCD display measuring 3.5 inches that is going to be responsive to even the slightest touch of your finger.

Kodak Slice 14MP Digital Camera Touchscreen with HD Video

Kodak Slice Pocket Digital Camera: 14MP Capacitive Touchscreen with HD Video Recording

The company that actually invented digital camera technology, Kodak, is trying to steal thunder from industry-leading Canon and Nikon. CES 2010 showed Kodak coming out strong for the new decade. They previewed the very inspiring Kodak Slice pocket digital camera. This petite digital camera is coming with incredible features.

Omnivision OV5647 Photo Showing Size

OmniVision OV5647 5-Megapixel RAW-Capable Image Sensors for Mobile Devices

The OmniVision OV5647 has all necessary automatic image control functions, including automatic exposure control, automatic white balance, automatic band filter, automatic 50/60-Hz luminance detection, and automatic black level calibration. OEM mobile gadget companies looking to implement a cost-effective solution for high-resolution RAW image capture should benefit a lot from the OV5647. Smart phone users will […]