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Velocity Micro Cruz R102 eReader Price and Specifications

Velocity Micro Cruz R102 7-inch Android Tablet and eReader on SALE

The Velocity Micro Cruz R102 7″ Android Tablet and eReader is an upgraded version of the Velocity Micro R101 Android Cruz 7″ Reader. A brand new set of this Cruz eReader Tablet retails for a price of $125-$130.

ECS EB 850R eReader Specs and Preview

ECS EB-850R Color e-Reader with Android OS 2.2 at Computex 2011

ECS, once a fierce competitor of ASUS and Gigabyte in the motherboard market, joined the e-Reader business. The company unveiled their latest product, the ECS EB-850R Color e-Reader at Computex 2011 event in Taipei on June 1. Despite not having much luck selling notebooks before, ECS is hoping a better prospect in selling e-readers this […]

MeBook Touch Mini eReader/Media Player Price and Specs

MeBook Touch Mini: Cheap 4.3-inch eReader and Portable Media Player

For those who cannot afford the $149 Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook Color, there’s a very cheap alternative for you. No, it’s not another cheap generic Android tablet, this one is a real portable media player without the excess baggage of Android. Chinavasion is selling a color eReader and media player called MeBook […]

MeBook Touch Color eReader Price and Review

MeBook Touch: Cheap 7″ Color E-Reader and Media Player

It’s been a long since I wrote about cheap tablets that are good alternatives to expensive branded products. I would like to recommend to you another worthy option to the Kindle or Nook. Chinavasion is selling a sub-$100 color LCD type e-reader called MeBook Touch. Check out this link, http://www.chinavasion.com/cool-gadgets/cvuzn24/.

Velocity Micro R101 Android Cruz Reader Review, Velocity Micro R101 Android Cruz Reader Price, Velocity Micro Cruz eReader Review, Velocity Micro Cruz eReader Price

Velocity Micro R101 Android Cruz 7″ Reader New Year Sale

Happy New Year everyone! In case you missed the year-end deals, don’t worry because there are still New Year promos available online such as the FREE DLO Jam Jacket for iPhone 3GS.

The Sharper Image Literati eReader Review, Literati eReader Specs, Literati eReader Price,

The Sharper Image Literati 7-inch Color eReader Specs and Price | Kohls Thanksgiving Weekend Sale

Sharper Image has released a wireless eReader that attempts to compete with Amazon’s Kindle and the recently released Nook Color by Barnes and Noble. Can it beat the best-selling Nook eReader? Well, try looking at this Sharper Image eReader’s specs and features to know if it is capable to compete or not with bigger brands.

enTourage Pocket eDGe Dualbook Tablet eReader with Android OS 1.6

enTourage Pocket Edge Dualbook Android OS Tablet and eReader Technical Specs

After the short intro of enTourage Pocket eDGe DualBook Tablet and review of some of its features, we’d like to share with you all the other stuff you can find in this tablet PC and ebook reader rolled into one. For comparison, you might want to check out Nook Color eReader, Sylvania 7″ Cheap Android […]

Entourage Pocket EDge Mini DualBook Specs, Sale Price, Review

enTourage Pocket eDGe Mini DualBook Tablet PC + eReader on Sale at Amazon

So much negativity has been thrown between the camps of E-Ink and LCD screen proponents. E-Ink supporters have derided LCD screens for being power-hungry but the opposing camp belittles E-Ink’s black and white blandness.

Nook Color Review, Nook Color Release Date, Nook Color e-Reader

Nook Color Review: Nook Color eReader Release Date is Near

Barnes and Noble’s Nook eBook Reader with Android Operating System is currently the best-selling eReader beating the sales of Amazon’s Kindle 3rd Generation. Nook is also an award-winning eReader and is Money Magazine’s #1 Pick for e-Readers.

Velocity Micro Cruz Ebook Reader Sample Photo

Velocity Micro Color eBook Reader Models Powered by Android OS with Velocity Micro Cruz eReader as High-End

Randy Copeland, President and CEO of Velocity Micro, made the official announcement of his company’s latest color e-Reader products. Velocity Micro is mostly famous for making premium desktop computers but they are now ready to rumble in the rich arena for eReaders. The current market leaders are Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook eReader […]