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Sample Photo of Volvo Truck FM Model (Golden Brown in Color)

New Volvo Truck FM with Dynamic Steering is a Work Horse with Wireless Remote Control

If you have not watched the viral video of Jean-Claude Van Damme in the new Volvo commercial featuring two golden brown Volvo trucks with dynamic steering, we recommend you watch it in our previous post. What makes new Volvo trucks so wanted these days? First off, the company made several big changes to the chassis […]

Jean-Claude Van Damme in Volvo Commercial

Volvo Trucks with Dynamic Steering and Jean-Claude Van Damme Ad is Insane!

Belgian National Jean-Claude Van Damme became famous for his 180-degree splits in his movies (such as Bloodsport, Double Impact, Kickboxer and Universal Soldier) aside from showcasing a variety of martial arts skills like kicking an opponent much taller than him. Volvo, on the other hand, is making a huge buzz with their new trucks and […]

World Tech Toys 1:16 RC Cars Prices and Features

World Tech Toys 1:16 RC Car with RC Transmitter Models on SALE

World Tech Toys 1:16 RC Car models are on sale today! These radio-controlled toy cars feature some of the chic and hip sports cars by Chrysler, Mazda, Mitsubishi and Infiniti. These cars kind of remind me of the Dale Earnhardt Jr. NASCAR USB Flash Drive by Centon.

Smart ForTwo Electric Drive 2011 Review, Smart ForTwo Electric Drive 2011 Facts/Features, How To Charge Smart ForTwo Electric Drive 2011

Smart ForTwo Electric Drive 2011 Compact Car Now Available in the US

The Smart ForTwo Electric Drive 2011 Compact Car is a pioneer in pure electric battery-operated vehicles. Unlike the 2010 Toyota PRIUS Hybrid Car that run both on gasoline and electricity, the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive runs purely on electricity.

Google Car creates Live Virtual Images

Google Car Road Test: Google Car Drives without Human Driver

Google Car drives on the road without a human driver using artificial intelligence. This driverless car by Google is a software-controlled robot developed by a team of software and automotive engineers.

Google Car October 2010 Photo

Google Car: Google Fulfills Vision of a Driverless Car

Google Car is on the road and traveled 140,000 miles without a human driver. On October 9, 2010, Google news on their official blog confirmed that Google’s driverless car is on the road test for a year now.

Audi A8 2011 Has a Built-in Wif-Fi

Audi A8 2011 Luxury Sedan Will Have Built-in Wireless Internet Connection

While the BWM Recall 2010 is ongoing due to problems in braking system, car buyers are eager to know the Audi A8’s 2011 release date. What’s to like about the Audi A8 2011 luxury car? The upcoming 2011 Audi A8 model will not only offer a more powerful 4.2 liter V* engine and eight-speed automatic […]

Photo of BMW Recall 2010 Car - the BMW 5 Series Sedan with V8 Engine

BMW Recall 2010: Voluntary Recall on Select BMW and Rolls-Royce V8 and V-12 Powered Models

The BMW Recall 2010 was announced on September 30, 2010. According to BMW of North America, they submitted a voluntary recall to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) for a few models of BMW and Rolls-Royce cars or vehicles. These BMW Recall 2010 cars under recall are certain V8 and V12-powered models of Rolls-Royce […]

Honda Recall 2010

Honda Recall 2010: Honda Recall on Civic, Elements and Accord Models for Interlock Ignition Problem

Honda Recall 2010 is ongoing once again. This is not the first Honda Recall this 2010, FYI. Back in January, Honda recalled a few hundreds of thousands of Honda Jazz / Honda Fit Model due to window switch defect. This time, the Honda Recall 2010 is about a defective ignition switch. If you own a […]

Photo of Toyota PRIUS Hybrid Car 2010 Models on Recall

Toyota Prius Recall Caused by Prius Brake Problem

The 2010 Toyota PRIUS Hybrid Car was not included in the January 2010 list of Toyota recall cars. However, PRIUS is facing almost the same huge problem as its brakes are under recall. The Toyota PRIUS brake problem was rumored as early as December 2009. In fact, Prius owners claimed these brake problems and was […]