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Blackberry Tour 9630 Release Date on Verizon Wireless and Sprint

Rumors about Blackberry Tour 9630 release date on Verizon will be on the 12th or 13th of July 2009 (depending on your timezone, you can choose between the two release dates). Blackberry Tour 9630 and Verizon Wireless are now working hand-in-gloves in an attempt to capture a larger market share in North America to keep […]


BlackBerry Tour 9630 for Verizon, Telus and Sprint

Blackberry Tour (9630) is a new mobile phone developed by Research In Motion. According to rumors, Telus will be launching Tour on June 22, 2009. While Verizon will be following the release of Blackberry Tour 9630 on July 13. In partnership with Verizon,  the Tour allows you to surf the web, stream video, download music […]