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Angry Birds for Roku Internet TV Release Date

Rovio’s Angry Birds Game Coming to Roku TV Set Top Boxes

Roku, one of the world’s leading Internet TV set top box maker has partnered up with game publisher Rovio to port the world’s most popular mobile game, Angry Birds to all Roku products. This strategic partnership will allow Roku TV owners to play Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio on their big-screen […]

Angry Birds Chrome Browser Game App Review and Download

Free Angry Birds Game App Download for Google Chrome Web Browser Users

Google is feeling mighty generous this year! The online ads moneymaking giant is giving away a free browser based version of Angry Birds to Google Chrome users! This special web-based version of mega-addictive Angry Birds game app can be yours by just downloading small file from Google’s Chrome Web Store.

Angry Birds Rio Palm Pre WebOS Price and Release Date on HP Web AppStore

Angry Birds Rio Download Now Available for HP Pre 3 webOS Devices

Die-hard Palm Pre 2 users should be elated to hear that the planet’s most popular mobile game is now available for them too. Angry Birds Rio is now live and ready to download from HP’s webOS app market. You can get this game for a low price – only $1.99 – and it’s available already […]

Angry Birds Windows PC Price and Requirements

Angry Birds for Windows PC Download on Intel AppUp Store Now Available

Angry Birds for PS3 and PSP is one of the most anticipated versions of this game app. Also, Angry Birds for Android was and instant hit. Having said that, the cult-hit mobile game Angry Birds has finally landed on Windows PC. Rovio, maker of Angry Birds, wants Windows PC users to also get addicted with […]

Angy Birds Playstation 3 and PSP Version

Rovio Releasing Angry Birds for the PlayStation 3 and PSP

The world just got turned upside down. The old adage that console games should have mobile phone version has just been violated by Rovio – maker of the gazillion-selling iPhone game Angry Birds. The developer is releasing a Playstation Mini version of Angry Birds that will work for both the PS3 and PSP!

Angry Birds for Android Full Version Download

Angry Birds for Android Phones Hits 1 Million Downloads in Less than 24 Hours!

Mobile phones are now becoming the new favorite gaming device of people. Game Publisher Rovio launched the full version of Angry Birds for Android Last October 16 and it sold more than 1 million copies within 24 hours! For a game that runs on mobile phones, this one is really a top hit no doubt.