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Candy Crush Saga Free Upgrade

How to Unlock Candy Crush Saga Level 400 for Android Phones and Tablets

With the latest free update to Candy Crush Saga for Android smartphones and iOS gadgets (iPar Air tablets, iTouch, iPhone 5), King.com made the free game app a more addictive one by increasing its game levels to Level 400. Don’t be furious and frustrated if you’re hesistant to buy in-app purchases to unlock Level 400 […]

Facebook Buys WhatsApp Free SMS App

Facebook to Buy WhatsApp Free Messaging App for US$16B!!!

With the popularity and huge user base of the free WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook’s hell bent on buying it. What’s the amount involved in buying the free WhatsApp Messaging App? US$16 Billion in total! Yup, we’re talking 11 figures here ladies and gentlemen. The free SMS app that eclipsed Kik Messenger and Pingchat (now known as […]

Free Mobileminder Parental Control App Free Download for Android Mobile Devices

Monitor Your Child’s Phone Photos, SMS, MMS with Free MobileMinder Parental Control App

If you’re worried about your child’s (especially a teenager) online activities and what he’s been up to with his cellphone, it could be wise to download the free MobileMinder Parental Control App for his Android phone if you got him a HTC Evo 3G Android Phone or other high-end models capable of sending not just […]

Spartan Wars Free Download for Android Phones and Tablets

Spartan Wars Game App for Android: Movie Film 300 Inspired

If you have seen the film 300: Battle of Thermopylae, then you would know how popular that film was (and still is after seven years). It inspired some video game developers as well as mobile apps developers to do create products patterned after the film’s characters and one of which is the free Spartan Wars […]

OfficeSuite Pro 4 Android Application Price and Features

OfficeSuite Pro 4 App for Android Is On Sale: 50% Discount At Android Market

Corporate executives and business professionals who own Android devices should take notice of this great opportunity to own the world’s best productivity software. Mobile Systems, Inc. is selling their award-winning OfficeSuite Pro 4 for Android under a fire sale 50% off promo. Instead of its original price of $29.99, buy it for only $14.99!

Crackle Free Android App Sample Movies

Crackle Movie and TV Streaming App Features for Android OS

The Crackle Free Android App offers free movie and TV streaming. What shows and movies are available on the free Android App?

Crackle Android App Free Download

Crackle Free Android App Offers Free Movie and TV Streaming

Wow, better get this new app called Crackle for Android OS. Crackle is a free app that gives users free streaming movies and TV shows.

Plants Vs Zombies Android Download Free

Plants vs. Zombies for Android Free Download Exclusive on Amazon AppStore

PopCap Games, maker of the now-legendary Plants vs. Zombies game franchise has chosen Amazon’s AppStore as the exclusive distributor of the Android Version of Plants vs. Zombies. It’s about time! PopCap took so long porting this game to the Android OS. The HD version of Plants vs. Zombies for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad has […]

NetQin Android Booster App Review and Features

NetQin Android Booster: Free App That Optimizes Android Phone Performance

NetQin, Inc. is offering a free ad-supported utility for Android phone owners. Their free Android Booster is claimed to be the best all-in-one optimization tool for any Android-powered device. NetQin Android Booster Free App is a suite of different tools that fixes important components of your phone or tablet.

New Super KO Boxing Android Game Free Download Rolling Out

Super KO Boxing 2 Android Game Free to Download on Amazon AppStore

Apple might be suing-mad against Amazon’s AppStore but it is still open and operating. The court has not yet granted Apple’s request for temporary injunction against it. So before Amazon AppStore disappears online, better download this addictive boxing game for your new Android phones. The Super KO Boxing 2 is a free game from Glu […]