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2012 Movie Full Length Trailer: 2012 Movie Trailer 3

This is the third out of three 2012 Movie Trailers fed on this site. The other two 2012 movie trailers were posted separately. This third video is the full length 2012 Movie Trailer. In this 2012 movie trailer, we will see heart-stopping events wherein the world or Earth is destroyed by wind, fire and water. […]


2012 Movie Trailer 2 and 2012 Movie Release Date

Here is the second video of 2012 Movie Trailer with some info about the filming of the 2012 movie and its release date. This is the second out of three 2012 movie trailers that are posted on this site. The first 2012 Movie Trailer (1 min. trailer) was provided in an earlier post. In 2012 […]


2012 Movie: 2012 “End of the World” Movie Trailer 1

The “2012” Movie is near and trailers of this creepy movie are all over the internet buzz. The film “2012” was actually a depiction of the “meme” that year 2012 will be the world’s end. These cultural ideas were actually based on the prophecy of Nostradamus and the predictions of Mayan civilization that year 2012 […]