MySpace Profile 2.0 Alpha Launched in Canada; US, Europe Availability Soon

Today in 2008, MySpace officially launched the Alpha version of MySpace Profile 2.0. This is timely as follow-up on our post yesterday on MySpace Music – something we recommend you explore when logging in to MySpace (if you have an account already). We love how Tom Anderson (President of MySpace) puts the intro to Profile 2.0 Alpha in his blog/press release.

MySpace Profile 2.0 Alpha Stage of Development Released in Canada

MySpace Profile 2.0 Alpha Stage of Development Released in Canada

Here are some warnings from MySpace if you intend to upgrade to the latest MySpace Profile 2.0

Don’t upgrade if you’re not adventurous and patient.

This new profile and editor is in an Alpha stage, which means it’s not ready for prime-time. This is just a test phase where you guys can’t help me discover bugs and give more feedback on what you’d like to see. We’ve been conducting user study groups on these changes for several months, but we still have a ways to go.

Don’t upgrade if you like your profile the way it is.

When you convert, your profile will not look the same as it did before. That’s the whole point of profile 2.
0–it’s different!

Don’t upgrade if you use IE6.

You’ll find that you can’t. The new editor uses features not available to IE6. There’s about 16% of you out there still rockin the IE6 (including me!). You’re going to have to upgrade your browser if you want to use this new editor. I use multiple browser so I can experience the site as different users do, but you should really upgrade one of these days. IE7, Firefox and now Chrome are all good choices. They’re faster and more secure than IE6, with built in phishing protections.

You see, there are limitations when you upgrade to MySpace Profile 2.0 (as stated above). Some conditions must be met for you to browse through the social network successfully. For one, MySpace profile 2.0 loading time is long – loading of pages is slow and sometimes boring the wait time is sometimes unbearable. In our case, we use the MySpace Lite View to strip down the web pages of visual elements just to speed up the loading process. Also, we think we’re not yet ready to upgrade to MySpace Profile 2.0. One of the many reasons is the it takes so much of our time waiting for the page to load 100%. It also takes more RAM out of our aging notebooks. lol!

The good thing about the makers of Profile 2.0 is that they have openly admitted the existence of bugs and some errors in MySpace Profile 2.0 Alpha but until today (2009), we have not seen some updates about these bugs and errors and what MySpace has done to correct them.

However, we love the new changes in MySpace Profile 2.0 – it’s more visually appealing and more customizations can be made by the user. If you think you’re not geared up to stick with Profile 2.0 in MySpace, there is always an option to go back to Profile 1.0 (which we did) just to connect with our fiends the “normal” way. We have not tested the new MySpace Profile 2.0 using MySpace Mobile yet but we’ll let everyone know our review of these new exciting features in MySpace. Of course, our regular Facebook News articles will be published as soon as they’re done.

MySpace Profile 2.0 stable release is expected to be made available in the US, UK, Europe and other countries/territories soon but at an undetermined schedule. Up until today, the Profile 2.0 is still in the Alpha stage as far as we are concerned. We’ll try to see what are the updates about this topic later within this week.

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  1. robby says:

    Profile 2.0 has been out for a year now!