Multiply 4.0 Launched: Social Networking With Multiply Gets Better

The  latest version of Multiply (ver 4.0) looks a lot better than the old Multiply GUI. The new Multiply 4.0 looks better graphically and has introduced some news features that old Multiply account holders will be  very pleased with. Of course, new account holders will definitely feel the same way, we think.

Here are few of the nice changes to Multiply 4.0:

Screenshot of Multiply 4.0 Dashbaord

Screenshot of Multiply 4.0 Dashbaord

  1. Inbox. Easily view all Recent Updates from people or groups, your latest Personal Messages… or another specific content type. (Above, you’ll notice that we’ve enabled Photos and Videos, but you can customize your list to include your favorite types.)
  2. Friends & Family. You’ll find a few of your contacts listed here. Clicking one of their names quickly filters your Inbox to show recent posts from only that contact. You can change which appear here, and can do so as often as you’d like. Clicking “View Contacts” shows all of your contacts, and a single click on any of them will filter your Inbox accordingly.
  3. Groups. Works just like contacts. Pick your favorites for that quick-filtering goodness.
  4. Custom Filters

If you own an account with Multiply, it’s high time to check the new look-and-feel of version 4.0. We’re pretty sure you’ll love it.

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