Free Happy New Year Friendster Layouts/Themes/Skins/Backgrounds

After experimenting with some Happy New Year MySpace Layouts for MySpace 2.0 Profile, I have once again played with some free Happy New Year Friendster layouts/skins/themes/backgrounds. Friendster layouts designed for New Year celebration are not yet available at the Friednster dashboard that is why if you want to have Happy New Year Friendster layouts/skins/themes/backgrounds, you have to do it yourself. Customize your Friendster layouts by going to the Profile -> Edit profile -> Customize menu. A screenshot of the page is given below.

If you want to customize your Friendster layouts or backgrounds (e.g., use Happy New Year Friendster layouts), that is very easy with the built-in CSS editor right from the same page (see photo below)

Free Friendster Layouts, Backgrounds and Skins Plus Themes

You can create your own New Year Friendster layouts by changing the URL of the background image. To add more customizations, you can edit the border width, link color, body text and other parts of your Friendster profiles. If you are not into CSS editing in text mode, you may click on the CUSTOMIZE WITH CSS EDITOR link and you will be taken to a more user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) where all you need to do is enter the desired values and location of the image background URL,a mong other things. After changing all the values you need to create your new Friendster layouts (New Year Friendster layouts, for example) your new profile is good to go. Hey, don’t forget to save your changes in the CSS editor. ;-)

If you ever bump into problems with customizing your Friendster layouts, let me know. Post your comments in the comments section of this article and I’ll prepare a more detailed instruction on how to customize your New Year Friendster layouts or backgrounds.

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