Free MySpace 2.0 Layouts/MySpace 2.0 Themes Sample Codes

If you are looking for free MySpace 2.0 layouts/MySpace 2.0 themes sample codes, I could give you one. I actually have Kim Kardashian MySpace 2.0 layouts with free sample codes (sorry, photo removed for containing some “show of skin”) but I will only post here an instruction on how to change your layouts (to save some space).

The installation instructions are given below:

1) At your profile home click at “Edit Profile”
2) Click at “Customize” at the right end side
3) Select Theme = No Theme
4) Click at CSS
5) Copy and Paste the Code
6) Click at Publish

That’s it! You can have as many MySpace 2.0 layouts or MySpace 2.0 themes themes to try for your MySpace 2.0 Profile. However, as a word of caution, check if the custom theme won’t break your current profile. Some free MySpace 2.0 themes/layouts are reported to do this so just be careful.

By the way, the free sample MySpace 2.0 layout of Kim Kardashian has the background is just a sample. There are tons of free MySpace 2.0 layouts/themes online. Just look around and you’ll find many free themes which you can customize and that will suit your taste.

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  1. renepayne says:

    I already have a myspace 2.0 space but are unable to access it with my old email and password .name on account is password is amae2005. please help me to get back on myspace.

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