MMA Pro Fighter Facebook Game App: Takedown and Knockout Your Facebook Friends!

MMA Pro Fighter is a dream come true for mixed martial arts fans worldwide. I am a big fan of mixed martial arts and I occasionally fantasize about getting on the Octagon. I sure would like to get it on with Cro Cop, Rampage Jackson, Lyoto Machida and Chuck Liddell. Dreaming is free and every time I watch UFC fights, I pretend I am the one pounding the opponents in the in the octagon ring!

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MMA Pro Fighter Facebook App: New Game New Thrills

Alas, I’m a slob and I can only indulge this fantasy on my new favorite Facebook game called MMA Pro Fighter. It’s a text-based fighting game from Digital Chocolate Inc. It’s currently rated as the top mixed martial arts game on Facebook. It was introduced only last December but MMA Pro Fighter has gained the loyalty of 900,000 monthly active users.

Gameplay of MMA Pro Fighter is comparable to Mafia Wars. You start off as a level 1 fighter and you need to mouse click your way to training and fighting versus other players so you can gain experience and money. While you do jobs in Mafia Wars, here in MMA Pro Fighter, you are obliged to do training. And just like Mafia Wars, you earn stat points every level up which you must distribute wisely to make your mixed martial arts fighter stronger.

Earning money on MMA Pro Fighter is required because you need to buy and upgrade martial arts skills to make your fighter more powerful. The more money you earn the better skills you can give your fighter. Unlike Mafia Wars, there is no way to own properties which will give you steady income. This is why the best way to earn money is to do a lot of fighting. Yes, losing a fight still gives you some money and experience points reward.

Speaking of fighting, MMA Pro Fighter is not as static as Mafia Wars. It is also easier; you don’t have to do repeated clicks to attack an opponent. You just need to find a target and click the Fight button once and the game will do a scrolling context blow-by-blow announcement of the fight progress. It isn’t as exciting as you would expect from a full-animation MMA game.

While you can’t do button-mashing to make your fighter victorious, playing this game still gives a lot of satisfaction. MMA Pro Fighter offers a lot of depth and customization. You can make your fighter look even fiercer and the martial arts moves and variations are extensive. Digital Chocolate did a thorough research of the different martial arts discipline. If you have the imagination to match, MMA Pro Fighter offers enough realism to role-play a bad-ass mixed martial arts fighter.

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