Facebook Game App MMA Pro Fighter Review and Tips for Beginners

I am currently playing the free MMA Pro Fighter game in Facebook at the office right now. I am now level 12 and having a good time getting pummeled by virtual fighters. Earning money on this game is quite difficult and winning fights is equally hard. Playing MMA Pro Fighter on Facebook is not as convenient as playing Mafia Wars primarily because it has level-gap restriction in fighting. While I can still get a little bit of XP and money from bullying lower level, it is not an efficient way to level up. In spite of these drawbacks, I can say I’m starting to like this game.

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MMA Pro Fighter Tips, Cheats and Review

If you also want to play this fantasy mixed martial arts (MMA) text-based game, I’d like to share with you some tips that can help you level up faster and win more fights in MMA Pro Fighter. You can classify some of these tips as MMA Pro Fighter cheats if you want to because they are meant to give you some heads up in playing this free game app.

  1. Attribute Points Distribution: You get stat points from leveling up. Put most of them into your Cardio Attribute. Every other level up put 1 point into your Health Attribute. Don’t bother putting points into Stamina. Cardio will help you win fights most of the time. Just have enough health to last longer. Stamina is not very important during low-levels. It regenerates 10 points every 1 minute. You only need Stamina to do training so it is not a priority. Health attribute regenerates very slow compared to Stamina, 1 point per minute.
  2. Finish all the Training sessions up to their level 3 maximum. The more you train, the more tough your fighter will be. You get a cash reward and some bonus experience points too.
  3. Maximize one martial arts skill tree first. While it may seem cute to have so many martial arts skills, it will cost a lot of money to do so. Since you are just a beginner you won’t have enough money to get all these fancy skills, consequently you will be burdened with too many weak skills. It is also a good tactic to learn some Defensive techniques under the Wrestling category.
  4. Fighting on MMA is best done against other players 2 levels higher or lower than you. You gotta use common sense too. When you want to fight somebody, check out his martial arts skills first and his Constitution rating. Choose the ones with Weak or Strong only Constitution rating. Choose also targets with level 1 or level 2 skills only. This game flaw of allowing a player to see another player’s stats and skills is a great way to exploit the fighting system. If you are a risk-taker like me, try to fight opponents who are 4 or 5 higher level than you. You only get almost the same XP and cash reward for beating them but you get a lot more pleasure in beating them.
  5. Do boss fights that are 4 or more lower levels than you. This way you get a better chance of winning and getting a substantial cash and XP points reward.
  6. Invite a lot of you Facebook friends to sign-up for the MMA Pro Fighter. The more friends you got in game, the more cash and XP reward you will get. Use the email system to invite unlimited amount of friends. Inviting via the game’s Friend Invite tool is not effective since you can only invite up to 12 friends every 24 hours.

MMA Fighter Pro is a game you will enjoy more if you follow these half-a-dozen tips. They are helping me dominate most of my fights now.

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  1. scott says:

    actually stamina points are super important if you are fighting in the leagues of MMA Pro Fighter app. you need at least 300-400 points to compete in the bronze league at least.

  2. christian_b_peper says:

    Instead of playing games educate yourself about the police state and how the billionaires what a war with Iran to distract the public from the fact that they sent all the jobs overseas. A better game would be to identify those who destroyed the economy and the constitution.