Leonid Meteor Shower 2009 Time: Philippines, US, UK

Leonid Meteor Shower this 2009 is a highly-anticipated event. Time when it happens is now monitored across the web. Leonid Meteor Shower 2009 Time can be found in our last article. All you need to do is convert the time given there to your own time zone (wherever you are – Philippines, US, Europe).

Be reminded that Leonid Meteor Shower for 2009 will not be seen worldwide so check the appropriate time and locations using a time converter (most cell phones have this function, FYI). For some history of the Leonids or Leonid Meteor shower, read more after the jump. 

The Leonids are famous because their meteor showers, or storms, can be, and have been in a few cases, among the most spectacular. Because of the superlative storm of 1833 and the recent developments in scientific thought the Leonids have had a major effect on the development of the scientific study of meteors which had previously been thought to be atmospheric phenomena. The meteor storm of 1833 was of truly superlative strength. One estimate is over one hundred thousand meteors an hour, but another, done as the storm abated, estimated in excess of two hundred thousand meteors an hour over the entire region of North America east of the Rocky Mountains. It was marked by the Native Americans, slaves and owners, and many others. That same 1833 shower, near Independence, Missouri, was taken as a sign to push the growing Mormon community out of the area. (Wikipedia)

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