Digital Globe or Google Earth? Our Globe in the Digital Age

Digital Globe or DigitalGlobe is a commercial vendor of space imagery and geospatial content, and operator of civilian remote sensing spacecraft. Just like Google Earth, Digital Globe takes photos of the globe via satellite imagery or aerial shots. The new Digital Globe promises to offer great digital earth photos or earth maps just the Google earth where many parts of the globe are taken snapshots and uploaded to the internet for commercial or personal use.

According to the DigitablGlobe website,

DigitalGlobe is the premier provider of high resolution panchromatic and multispectral satellite imagery. We provide the most accurate and detailed imagery in the market today with a combination of QuickBird (the world’s highest resolution color satellite) and WorldView-1 (the highest resolution and most agile commercial satellite ever flown).

DigitalGlobe offers versatile methods for you to acquire imagery: you can task a satellite to capture images with specific coordinates, order your location from over 360 million km2 of current and archived world images in our ImageLibrary or use a combination of tasked and archived imagery to cover your area of interest.

We encourage you to work through our network of resellers who can help you evaluate your project and choose DigitalGlobe imagery that best fulfills your needs, timeframe and budget.

Our state of the art processing facilities allow us to provide you with a complete product solution. Whether you are an advanced satellite image user looking for minimally processed imagery, an experienced GIS user looking for highly accurate base layers or an end user looking for ready to use color imagery, we have the solution for you.

Is the globe getting that small in the digital age that we are in? I think so. Digital imagery by Digital Globe and Google Earth can really make the planet a smaller place to live in. Good thing these two companies do not have a reputation of uploading digitally altered images which makes photos of the globe more realistic and useful :-)

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  1. alagar says:

    my hobby search the map and each and every places and lane the more the knowledge for me thank you

  2. Phil Greek says:

    I want to download Google Earth/Digital Globe. How/where do I do that? I have Google Earth, but want more. Thank You.

  3. someone says:

    You should be aware that DG was the main provider of imagery to Google for GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth from the onset. Now, GeoEye and aerial photo companies have joined the mix. Google contracts imagery from sources and does not own their own satellites.

    • jessie says:


      Thanks for the additional info. Digitalglobe’s earth maps are really cool. The earth’s photos are clear and no doubt, Google earth acquired their services.