Strange Halo Cloud Seen Over Moscow with Photo and Video

A very strange “halo cloud” was seen over Moscow, Russia and it was all over science news this month. The video was said to be an authentic documentation of a pale gold halo cloud above the city of Moscow. This strange Moscow halo cloud looked much like the luminous cloud rings in the science fiction movie “Independence Day” which concealed spaceships. The said halo cloud really looked “alien” to ordinary people who’d seen it and they couldn’t help think that it was a supernatural event or a hiding UFO. However, meteorologist immediately explained the phenomenon before this halo cloud caused a public panic of a false notion of an impending alien invasion.

Halo Cloud Moscow Russia October 2009 Photo

Halo Cloud Moscow Russia October 2009 Photo

As a proof that this halo cloud did exist, here is the Russian video posted on YouTube. You are about to watch the video documentation of the Strange Halo Cloud over Moscow, Russia.

Unlike the Perseid Meteor Shower that is an amazing event seen yearly, the strange Moscow halo cloud is a very rare natural phenomenon but is explicable by science.

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  1. Azziz says:

    So are we alone in this world? Ask the Russians. Possible pollution results.