Gliese 581g: New Earth-Like Planet Discovered May Sustain Life

The Gliese 581g is a new Earth-like planet that may sustain life. This science news about the new Earth-like planet was announced on September 29, 2010 by the Carnegie Institution of Washington. It was dubbed as the Goldilocks planet making the “g” in Gliese 581g. It is three times the Earth’s mass and orbits at the “habitable zone” of the Gliese 581 star.

The Gliese 581g was discovered by a team of planet hunters from the University of California (UC) Santa Cruz. This new Earth-like planet called Gliese 581g was found after eleven years of NASA and National Science Foundation funded research using the W. M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii.

Gliese 581g - New Earth-Like Planet Artist Rendition

Gliese 581g: New Earth-Like Planet (Artist Rendition)

According to NASA, the Gliese 581g is an extrasolar planet (planets outside our solar system) that orbits around the Gliese 581 – the red dwarf star. Unlike the WASP 17, Gliese 581g planet is contains liquid water and has the right temperature to support life but the atmosphere is still unknown.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to study the chemical composition of this new Earth-like planet’s surface because it is way beyond our science and technology. The Gliese 581g is also 20.5 light years away so all we can do is observe it.

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  1. renen says:

    great this planet really far??what planet that we know is near to gliese 581g??