Windows 7 Sets Record Sales of 90M and Counting

Microsoft’s Chief Financial Officer Peter Klein proudly disclosed during the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference that Windows 7 has achieved 90 million unit sales since its debut last October 2009. This makes it the fastest-selling operating system ever created in history. Not even Microsoft’s first loveable Windows 95 could match it. The 90 million figures is more than twice what Vista sold in the same timeframe.

Granted there are still much more computers running Windows XP around the world. Windows XP users still comprise 67% of the Windows OS market share while poor Vista only managed to gain 20%. Experts are predicting Windows 7 will outrank Vista by 2010. A lot of Vista buyers who got fed up with its inherent faults are defecting to Windows 7. Once Win XP hold-outs join the ranks of Windows 7 fans, expect Microsoft’s latest operating system to become the de facto standard in personal computing.

Windows 7 GUI Desktop Photo

The GUI of Windows 7 is Beautiful

In spite of the rising popularity of user-friendly free distributions like Linux Ubuntu and Fedora, Windows 7 managed to carve out 10% market share by January 2010. It is an amazing feat because Windows 7 sold more copies than all the combined Mac OS X releases less than 90 days from its official release! And now 5 months after its debut, consumers showed their great love for Windows 7- they bought more than 90 million copies and help set a record. Microsoft has been vindicated. Apple diehard loyalists can no longer ridicule it. Windows 7 is most definitely as outstanding as their beloved Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Microsoft Vista was a tragedy but its successor proved to be a big hit with customers. Windows 7 managed to fix all the mistakes of its predecessor and came out less annoying, more efficient, less-prone to crashes, and more compatible with current and legacy hardware and software. It retained the same memory-intensive beautiful graphics and Aqua user interface but still came out a lot faster than Vista. This record-setting success of Windows 7 helps solidify Microsoft’s dominant grip on worldwide OS market. As of December 2009, Windows OS products still commands 92% share which dwarves that of Apple’s 5% and Linux’s 1%.

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