Windows 7 Release: Just a Windows Vista Upgrade or a Separate Windows OS?

Recent news on the internet has it that Microsoft Corporation is going to release Windows 7 as their new operating system after Windows Vista did not perform well in the sales department. Windows Vista’s failure came when it did not outperform Windows XP as an operating system. In fact many users still prefer Windows XP over Windows Vista because the latter consumes so much of a computer’s memory and other resources slowing down processing and loading times of softwares. So, is Windows 7 just a Vista upgraded or a separate OS dressed up with new icons, themes and wallpapers? We’re not sure of the answer until we get our hands on it.

We speculate that Miscrosoft is perhaps improving the weaknesses of Windows Vista by releasing another Windows OS that is Windows 7. What are the features of Windows 7? Nobody knows up to this time. Others speculate that it will address the problems Windows Vista has. Specifically, we cannot yet state here what the improvements will be. We could only ask if this is Microsoft’s response to the growing popularity of Linux among desktop PC owners worldwide (more than 8 million Linux users as of this writing)? Is Microsoft already being threatened by opensource operating systems like Linux Ubuntu 8.10? Let’s find out in 2009 if reports will indicate so.

For the new Windows 7 OS, according to reports, it will be shipped with Asus Eee laptops (aka netbooks) when it’s finally released in the market.

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    I have always used Linux as my OS. Windows is going down, man!