7 Very Good Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 7

If you are still traumatized by your Windows Vista experience, it’s time to get over it and switch to Microsoft’s latest and greatest operating system. In our article on Windows 7 Review, we have implied that Windows 7 is Vista done right. Bill Gates retired from Microsoft in embarrassment because his Vista baby was so ugly. Microsoft became the butt of ridicule. The poor sales of Windows Vista contributed to Microsoft’s stock price plunging the past 2 years. The Vista debacle got worsened by the emergence of stable and user-friendly Linux distributions. Ubuntu and others like Fedora and Linux Mint, managed to win over 10 million converts in the past 2 years. The once mighty Windows brand is slowly being challenged by user-friendly and powerful open source operating systems like Linux and BeOS.

Top 10 Reasons Given by Microsoft Why You Should Upgrade to Windows 7

Microsoft acted swiftly from Vista’s poor reception from the public and came up with Windows 7 last year. It doesn’t disappoint. Windows 7 is indeed the greatest Microsoft Operating Sytem ever created. I am giving you here 7 very good reasons why you should upgrade to it. I know Vista haters went back to old Windows XP or switched to Linux. You should consider Windows 7 (any of the versions available depending on your needs – Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate) and I assure you, you will fall in love with it.

  1. Windows 7 is faster and more efficient. While Vista was a huge crap of bloatware, Windows 7 is far more optimized. It even runs on older machines without any major slowdowns. Windows 7 takes less space when installed and is much less prone to system crashes compared to Vista or Windows XP. It even boots faster than Windows XP!
  2. Windows 7 is more compatible with third-party hardware and software components. Vista was much dislike for it’s poor compatibility. Old softwares and hardware that was made for Windows XP runs smoothly on Windows 7. This new OS also makes it very convenient to install devices; it automatically searches drivers over the web.
  3. Windows 7’s new Aero user interface is almost as good as Mac OS X. Vista tried to imitate Apple’s much-loved desktop and failed miserably. Windows 7’s new interface is a lot better, it’s very pretty to look at but it also functions very well in improving usability. Working with multiple applications and files is a breeze.
  4. Security has been vastly improved on the new Windows 7. The new Bitlocker system utility lets you encrypt and password protect your files and back up data to any usb drive. Windows 7 has also an enhanced data back-up and restore facility. You now have more control in backing up your data, you can choose where to put your image files to a custom destination, be it USB or network drive.
  5. The new Libraries in Windows 7 lets you organize and search important files a lot more quickly. Microsoft improved this search engine on Windows 7 to use less sytem resources and faster indexing. Seach results are now properly categorized and you can now search meta data tags on office documents.
  6. Better power management is another reason why you should upgrade to Windows 7. This is a lot more noticeable on laptops and netbooks. Windows 7 Hibernation and Sleep mode also powers down more system components that Vista or XP didn’t cut power to before. Microsoft also boasted they found a way to cut power usage by as much 15% when you are actively using your computer.
  7. Windows 7 Pro edition has a novel tool called Problem Steps Recorder which allows you to record or film a sequence of video illustrating the problems you are having with your computer. You can annotate the video with your observations and further explain and then you can zip it and email it to Microsoft Tech support! This will significantly reduce man-hours in calling tech support and technicians Easily figure out what is wrong with your computer without you getting lost in their technical jargons.

There you are—very attractive reasons why you ought to upgrade to Windows 7. There are more benefits to reap from this new Microsoft OS but it is up to you to experience them.

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