Windows 7 RTM Release Date and Download Schedules

Windows 7 RTM release date, according to the Windows 7 team, is on August 16, 2009. You can download a Windows 7 RTM copy via Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) Portal (English Version) if you are a Microsoft Partner Program Gold/Certified Member. If not, then Windows RTM download date will come a bit later. The availability of Windows 7 RTM is variable, depending on who you are, reports say.

Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack after Windows 7 RTM Period

Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack after Windows 7 RTM Period

Windows 7 RTM from the Windows team blog also claim that “Microsoft Action Pack Subscribers will be about to download Windows 7 RTM in English starting August 23rd. By October 1st, the remaining languages will become available to download.

For frantic consumers, Microsoft announced that Windows 7 will hit the stores on October 22, 2009. They also mentioned that “If you pre-ordered Windows 7, it should be delivered sometime around the October 22nd timeframe (depends on the retailer).

For this author, the Windows 7 Home Premium FAMILY PACK edition is worth buying. The only thing we wish Microsoft can change is the number of PC’s the Family Pack can be installed on. At the moment buyers will only be able to install this operating system on three units. Five would have been better. :-)

For now the downloaded Windows 7 RC is more than enough to play around with.

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