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Wow, I’m dazed with geek-pleasure right now. I just saw the latest screenshots of GNOME 3 Linux Desktop emailed by my brother-in-law in Europe. He is a certified linuxhead and he was the first one to inform me that GNOME 3 is now finally available for download. He raved and showed me his new GNOME 3-draped Ubuntu 10.4 laptop and I can only say – Wow, this new Gnome 3 update looks like an iPad 2 iOS screen! I might as well post my Gnome 3 review after testing this new Linux desktop environment, I said to myself so here it is (plus new features).

GNOME 3 Desktop Environment for Linux Distros Free Download and Update

Your eyes isn't fooling you, this is not an iPad or Android tablet, it is a Linux laptop screenshot with GNOME 3!

As for the guy I was talking to, yes, I told him that observation of the Gnome 3 upgrade and he grudgingly agreed. It’s obvious to me that the developers behind GNOME 3, who dilly-dallied for two years developing this desktop environment for Linux distros, took inspiration from Apple’s mobile iOS platform. See that screenshot? You are a dummy if you say it doesn’t remind you of your iPhone 4 or iPad Tablet PC!

Anyway, this is bloody confusing. I thought smartphones are just cellphones imitating computers. Now my world is turned upside down, my Linux computers will soon like like giant iPhones with big sexy icons. This new app-based computing experience being pushed to Linux computers should make it more popular. Linux user base population is still a meager 6% of the world computing population. But with this Apple iOS-inspired GNOME 3 desktop UI, more Apple gadget fanatics will switch to Linux OS and quit the clunky prettified Windows 7 interface!

Don’t argue with me, I am very confident that once properly marketed, this iPad-like GNOME 3 – powered netbooks and cheap computers will now sell faster than Windows 7-equipped models. Even here in the Philippines, my countrymen still prefer to buy much more expensive Windows XP or Windows 7 computer products because the strange Linux-installed computers do not appeal to them. But everybody loves the iPad here so let’s see if this attraction to big candy icon-based computers extends to Linux computers too!
You can get the new GNOME 3 for different Linux flavors from  It’s still free but please donate to the volunteer developers. They did an amazing job with this new version and I think they deserve something in return for their labor. Here’s a list of the new features I love about the new Gnome 3:

  • Apple iOS-like Environment, big icons, expanding menu buttons, 3D translucent desktop
  • Side-by-side window tiling to make using several windows simple and easy
  • A redesigned file manager
  • Redesigned workspaces so you can easily organise your windows
  • Major changes under the hood to give you a faster, smoother experience
  • Integrated Messaging


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  1. zykoda says:

    Fuzzy little image: can’t read a thing. And Ubuntu is going unity! Can see the trend for mouse elimination for sticky and greasy touch screens. Why build a high res. screen for huge icons?