iPhone iOS 4 and Android 2.2 OS Froyo Compared: Froyo Runs Flash and HTML 5 With No Problem

Google is really on to Apple in releasing Android 2.2 Froyo before the announcement of iPhone iOS 4. In a big slap to Apple’s claim that Flash and HTML 5 cannot operate side-by-side in the smartphone market, Android’s latest version Froyo (name for the Android 2.2 operating system) just got demoed at Google’s I/O Conference with Adobe Flash 10.1 and HTML 5 running comfortably together. The audience was all agog over the new version of Android 2.2 OS Froyo. Google has made it obvious that Apple’s disparaging claim against Adobe’s Flash is false and only showed the iPhone-maker’s self-serving crusade.

Android 2.2 OS Froyo vs iPhone iOS 4

Froyo is the newest version of Android OS. Android 2.2 Froyo is set to rival Apple's iPhone iOS 4

Using a Google Nexus One phone to demonstrate how well the new Froyo OS can accommodate Adobe Flash 10.1 and HTML 5 implementation proved that Google is the exact opposite of Apple. The online search giant is proud to be on the side of openness and will always be there to champion the right of the consumer to choose what they want. Apple’s “You must do it our way” approach has just been trumped with Google’s “You can do it your way”. Unlike Apple, Google’s Froyo Android OS still respects the consumer and is giving him the final say which want to use to view videos on his smartphone.

In addition to this revelation, Froyo also trounced the Apple iPad Tablet PC in terms of speed. Not only this version is lightning-fast but it also can run both native desktop and web apps. The iPad might have sold millions already but it’s just another junk from Apple’s dictatorial kingdom. Google has made real the concept of true mobile operating systems without the excess baggage of domineering restrictions. Because Android 2.2’s success in implementing HTML 5 without sacrificing Flash, more and more people will junk their iPhone handsets for Android handsets.

In another dig at Apple, Froyo also showed how easy it is to do wireless file transfer between a computer and the smartphone. It can stream music from iTunes via Wifi seamlessly which is just so cool and liberating. If you remember, Apple banned an app called Wifi Sync last week because it allowed users to transfer files from iTunes without tethering USB cables. Google is the antithesis of Apple and the battle is just getting more intense between them. I am with Team Google. I firmly believe that consumers should always have the last say on which standards I should use with my phone or computer.

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  1. William says:

    This is gay why try to defend something you have to pay for…. That’s stupid flash play should be free not something you gotta nickle and dime for {apple}… This is the reason that apple is losing.., they are trying to grab pennies from devoted followers and fans they got droid filling in the gap that they are refusing to cap up…. Apple is nothing but an over powered monopoly player…,, losing important pieces that they should already have been taken over -_- I’m buying a droid just because they got free flash…

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  4. marsalien says:

    Okay, I love google, but I’m team Apple. I think Apple has done some silly things, but the flash thing is jibberish. I have an app on my iPod Touch that runs flash sites. Cloudbrowse. Free in the appstore. If it is later banned, jailbreak. It takes ten seconds. You have to admit, the new iPhone iOS 4 looks amazing. Has everything the iPod was missing.

    I love both though, so I’m really on team I don’t care ^.^

    • Android 21 says:

      @marsalien, wow you sound dumb.

      You don’t have to hack, root or jailbreak 2.2 to access Flash. “Jailbreaking” isn’t condoned by Apple, there for Flash isn’t supported. iOS4 looks flashy, and all but get your facts straight. You should be a Team Dumbass.

      • Marsalien says:

        @Android 21, What the hell I just said it’s in the AppStore. Not jailbroken. Its completely legal to get an app from the AppStore. Then I said there’s an alternative. I’ve not said that I jailbroke I just said you could. I have my facts straight. And I said I’m on team apple not team dumbass. That team is for people who jump to conclusions and call other people dumbasses.

        Text can’t sound dumb by the way.

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