HTC Operating System: HTC Mulls Creating Its Own Mobile Operating System

Taiwan-based HTC Corporation is hinting it is seriously considering making its own mobile operating system just like Samsung’s in-house initiative with Bada OS. The company is planning to use this future home-brewed HTC OS to power some of its next-gen HTC smart phone models.

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HTC considers making its own HTC Operating System or HTC Mobile OS

“We continue to assess, but that requires a few conditions to justify having our own system”, Cheng Hui-ming, Chief Financial Officer of HTC, officially confirmed over a phone interview.

HTC is currently the world’s largest manufacturer for Windows-based smart phone devices and was also the first company to roll out the first Android OS handset (but not their own HTC operating system). It has established itself as one of the best phone manufacturing enterprise. Last year, the company earned $4.55 billion from smart phone products. Google even tapped it to create the Nexus One phone. The HTC HD2 and HTC Legend handsets are deemed to be the best smart phone units on the market right now.

However, the company is clearly not content on being a simple hardware OEM partner and thought of creating a mobile OS of their own that will probably be called HTC Mobile OS or HTC Phone OS. The rave reviews it got from its very popular HTC Sense user interface software has convinced the company that it can also create successful software products and perhaps an HTC OS for mobile phones. It recognizes that its future growth can no longer rely on designing and manufacturing phone products for other companies. Having the HTC operating system will enable the company to reduce its reliance on Microsoft and Google.

HTC wants to compete with industry leaders Apple and Research In Motion which obviously owes their tremendous success from having their own operating system. Despite making very capable smart phone hardware units that surpasses the features of iPhone and Blackberry units, HTC-branded devices aren’t selling as well. The company is studying on how to implement this objective particularly on how much it will cost them to build the HTC operating system from scratch. Their 2009 net income was $712million which I bet should be enough to buy Palm Incorporated. Palm webOS running on a HTC-made phone is going to be awesome!

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