Singapore IT Journalists Get Sneak Preview of Google Chrome OS

Google Chrome OS gets previewed in Singapore! The Super Google Army it seems is waging wars on all battle fronts. The company just recently announced that Youtube is going into the paid-video content business and early in January, they launched their own Google Nexus One Android phone. The company is also embroiled in an angry dispute with the Chinese government and has threatened to pull out of China.

Image of Google Chrome Operating System

Google Chrome Operating System: Built for Speed

Last, but surely not the least, is Google’s stepping into Microsoft Windows’ territory. Last week, the company took out their Google Chrome Operating System in Singapore and let journalists get a peek into the Open Source OS which is set to launch this November 2010. This Chrome baby is out to slay Microsoft’s Goliath Windows monopoly. Google already released its very popular Android OS for smartphone and mobile devices last year. And Android is being adapted or highly considered by top manufacturers of smartphones, eBook Readers (e.g., Amazon’s Kindle DX and Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-600) and netbooks. Apple Inc. revealed its closed partnership with Google because of the latter’s encroachment into what Apple deems its core business areas. The online ads behemoth is unperturbed and is even keen to challenge another titanic adversary, Microsoft Corporation.

Caesar Sengupta, project management director, said Chrome OS is primarily targeted for the netbook market and will initially be available only to custom-made Chrome netbooks. That is for only for starter, because later on developers will have full download and access rights to the core development kit of Chrome OS. Just like any open source softwares, every interested party will be able to edit and modify Chrome OS. This is brilliant. Linux is now getting major props and support from the public because many variants are now available. Google is offering its Chrome OS for free in the hope that other entities will provide great modified versions of it.

This should worry Microsoft and Apple far more than the threat of opensource Linux distros. Google Chrome OS is designed to integrate with cloud computing. Imagine the beauty of this cloud-enabled Chrome OS where everything much you need is on the web. You will no longer need to buy powerful but expensive hardware. You won’t have to buy expensive Office or Home-use softwares because everything will be provided for free by Google’s ‘apps-in-the-clouds concept for Chrome OS. It’s hard to believe but Google seems to be going into the right direction. Providing people with an operating system that is fast, light and maintenance-free is granting everyone’s dream of perfect computing. Not all people can tolerate or will even bother doing system maintenance.

Cloud-based Chrome OS won’t even need to be installed and since the programs you will use are from the web too, a hard disk is not necessary anymore. Google engineers are saying Chrome OS is going to change the way we process information and save data. Once this operating system is released, the world of computing will never be the same again. They might just be being braggarts but I believe them. I love Windows 7 but it isn’t as revolutionary as what Chrome OS is trying to achieve.

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