Planex GW-USFang300 USB WiFi Adapter Price and Specifications

Japanese customers will be the first one to enjoy the very unique Planex GW-USFang300 USB WiFi Adapter. Planex launched this very high-tech looking USB WiFi adapter in Japan for 8,400 Yen (around $108). It’s more expensive than the Netgear WNA-1100 Wireless N USB Adapter.

Planex GW-USFang300 Wi-Fi Antenna USB

Two-antennas with 150Mbps transmission speed each renders 300Mbps from the GW-USFang300 WiFi USB by Planex

The Planex GW-USFang300 is the first USB WiFi adapter that features two antennas so expect this product to have the longest signal reach and fastest connection. It uses the two 5GHz/2.4GHz antennas which makes it the fastest USB WiFi adapter on the market today.

The Planex GW-USFang300 USB WiFi Adapter is aptly named because this it can do up to 300Mbps WiFi transmission in theory. The GW-USFang300 is also capable of switching between Client Mode when receiving Wi-Fi signal, and Access Point mode or become a WiFi Hotspot with maximum 150Mbps transmission speed. This is no ordinary WiFi router or 3G USB dongle.

Aside from its revolutionary design and industry-leading WiFi speed, the Planex GW-USFang300 comes with the old USB 2.0 connection interface so it will work with older cell phones, laptops and computer products. It is also equipped with multi-level wireless security features. It supports 64-bit and 128-bit WEP, WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK. This USB WiFi Adapter sports a dedicated physical button for instant on/off of WPA encryption.

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