Trendnet TPL-305E Powerline Network Adapter Has 3 Ports and 200 Mbps Speed

Back in June last year, this company unveiled the TRENDnet 450Mbps Wireless-N TEW-691GR Router, the world’s fastest router. But the problem is, sometimes Wi-Fi signal won’t work when your computer is too far away from your router or modem. When it is also not practical to use regular LAN cables to hook up, only a powerline network adapter is feasible. The new Trendnet TPL-305E Powerline Network Adapter not only offers an affordable price but comes with 3 ports and a faster than Wireless-N speed of 200 Mbps!

Trendnet TPL-305E Powerline Adapter Price and Release Date Revealed

Powerline network adapters are now getting cheaper and faster. The TPL-305E can now transfer files in 200mbps speed.

The Trendnet TPL-305E will use any regular electrical socket to connect distant computers, game consoles (Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3), DVR to your Local Area Network. It’s wonderful to have 3 ports in a powerline adapter since you won’t need to buy a new hub to connect more than 1 computer to it!

There is no need to do any software installation, just plug it in, push the Connect button of the TPL-305E and you are connected! This adapter has and LED display and has built-in power saving technology. It will use 70% less power when in standby mode. You can compare the power consumption of this product with Netgear 500Mbps Powerline Ethernet Kits (XAVB5001 and XAVB5501) if you already have purchased this earlier model.

The TPL-305E supports AES encryption to protect your privacy and important files from prying eyes. TRENDnet says the TPL-305E Powerline Network Adapter will be available by February 2011 but the exact release date was not announced and it will cost $79.99. For this cheap price, there is another “come on” – they are giving a three-year limited warranty instead of just one-year!

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